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deformedchrist 04 Sep, 2013
dutchviola 06 Nov, 2011

I saw on the Kim Sae Ron page that you wanted to know who those girls are. they are sisters!take a look
afterwork 07 Oct, 2011
Hey :) I read your comment on here regarding Shida Mirai not appearing in the first hour of the film. If you've seen the rest can you confirm she wasn't in it? So if that was true we can report her as an extra role and have her removed. :D
xdsmile 20 Sep, 2011
Oi give me that uunen saki mo kimi ni koishite
cuteholic 19 Aug, 2011 felt like they made his character the way it was just to prolong the drama. I would probably recommend them to drop it after around episode 10 XD. I also feel that the ending
was similar to Goong where the female lead goes away and is unsure about the relationship later maybe it was just me too since both the series had Yun Eun Hye in it.
cuteholic 14 Aug, 2011
OMG I totally agree with what you posted about Lie To Me. The first few episodes were really awesome but then it turned into a boring drama towards the end ^_^;
nanuklein 16 Jul, 2011

I replied to your post here: