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serethiell 13 Jan, 2013
aqui puedes ver la pelicula Jackal is comming
purlpi 21 Aug, 2012
Hahahah, I really like the MV, it's so cute c:!
purlpi 13 Aug, 2012
I died like the first seconds after play XD
serethiell 28 Jul, 2012
purlpi 27 Jul, 2012
haha, Animes can be nice though, but they really have a good storyline if I want to complete them, because I prefer humans overall :p Shin chan is just something I've been watching since I was young XD
purlpi 27 Jul, 2012
Haha it's very nice :D & yeah you told me that before :p episode 4 was uploaded today with subs, yay ^^ I always prefer to watch with subs :p
Haha yeah it is an anime, but a very silly one, you should search up some episodes :p they mostly take around 8-10 mins only.
& Watching anime doesn't make you an Otaku xD
purlpi 27 Jul, 2012
I mean the live action 2012 version though? I've checked Dramacrazy (mostly the fastest) and mysoju + haunted google, only found the anime + the 1997 version ;u;

& ... You seriously don't know Shin chan ? o_o
purlpi 26 Jul, 2012
Ahh I see, well good luck cuz you´re missing out :p
I sometimes like it too to watch it all in one go, but on the other hand; you have a new episode to look forward to :D
I'm surprised that Episode 4 of Great teacher onizuka hasn't been uploaded nor subbed yet, it should be up by now :o
& Haha yeah, its horrible! ;u; I try to watch as much as possible before school starts again ;p at least the Shin Chan movies haha XD