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xjannyx 09 Jan, 2012
Drama like drama, like when you 'drama' in Portuguese. Ah, he also needs a surgery? I kind of want to watch it, but idk, seems like I'll continue to stall it haha

Then don't watch Arakawa Under the Bridge. I'm still watching it, and thinking 'why and I watching this?'.
The main girl? Park Minyoung? I love her ♥ The annoying girl for me was the one that hosted Music Bank, on her page on this site, many other ppl thinks she's annoying as well, with some that love her.. City Hunter is sad????????? Hara is what turned me off City Hunter, now you're telling me it's sad..that's sad to hear...

I've only heard of Baby Faced Beauty, the others one I've never even heard of.... it's like I'm living under a rock.
Coffee House was popular, you didn't like it?
What's Glory Jane like?

Criminal Minds is my favorite <3 Not sure I'll be watching AHS any time soon. Doctor Who is awesome!!!!!! The guy I talk to from France is obsessed with it XD 30 Rock is hilarious!! From those I also watch The Middle when I'm in front of tv, like you do hehe

Oh! Countdown begins!!! Exciting =D
xjannyx 28 Dec, 2011
Over a month late reply~ hehe sorry. Merry belated chirstmas~

Same, the only reason to come here now is the actual list, everything else, not so good anymore.

Just to get it straight, it doesn't have drama with the couple? Like love triangles or just stupid things that dramas trough in to have, well, drama?

Seriously? You dropped the dramas I like lol Ghost Friends still hasn't been fully subbed so it was probably a good idea to drop it. Seonggyungwan Scandal is entertaining, don't you think so? With only one actress being annoying the rest of the cast is really good~
Now I'm watching Katte Otto Otoko Tomodachi and Kaito Royale. The ones I was watching when I sent the previous message are all basically on hold.
Me too. I watch Criminal Minds, LAw and Orde SVU, The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Hal Men mostly. I recently downloaded American Horror Story and Revenge, but haven't watched them yet. DO you like any of those?

Uhum. We keep on working everyday of our lives and having only a couple moments of happiness, but that's life.
Sorry I forgot when are you going to France? It's that type of worry in good way ;)

Haha so true XD
Take care~
xjannyx 03 Nov, 2011
Hehe that usually happens a lot to me, I disappear for a while then I think it's weird to go back and leave permanently, but this time I decided otherwise XD
Thank you!

Maybe it'll grow on me too. After these past few days here I'm starting to get used to it. Though I'd really appreciate it if it were a lighter shade.

Very much like You're Beautiful. Are all kdramas like that? The girl goes abroad and stuff? Cause most of the ones I've watched ended like that.
Didn't like it... Not sure I'll be watching it, even though Park Shinhye and Younghwa make a cute couple.
You watch more korean stuff than I do, right? Are there any shows that actors go on to promote dramas/movies?

lol Never heard of that XD Was the overdose worth it?

That's good! It could be just me, but I think working a lot is good. You excited about France?
I work in a beauty salon/spa, not sure what it's called. They have things like massages, hair, some sort of hit tub treatments, things like that, but I don't really do anything =/
I don't have facebook >.< I added you to my email contact list. I'm starting to think I'll continuing coming to this site, except for most weekdays.

Cool! We should meet someday! I live 20 minutes away from Belo Horizonte.

Take care~~
xjannyx 25 Oct, 2011
Hey Do you still come online? Very sorry for the HUGE time I took to reply T.T


I finally got my HD back!!! Maybe 2 weeks ago, but only now I'm starting to watch dramas again.. seriously hate this site right now....
DId it end already? If so, how did it end?

Could be. No matter the reason they could probably improve it at least a little.
Oh I don't even remember globo and sbt shows from last week =.=
Yea! The titles, most of the ones I'm seen/read about are very 'wtf'

I need to check that now. I have no idea if the actors I like are doing any dramas O.O The new one with Oomasa Aya, I wanna watch that!

See! It sucks so much when that happens!
You could do like me or judge based on the comments page. Though to me, it often happens that I don't agree with most of the comments. At least just give low priority to the ones with negative comments.

That good! What about now are you working?

I started working again adn I have the ged exams soon, and some other stuff going on, and this new site layout really sucks, so I'm not sure if I'm going to continue coming here. Do you have an email I can contact you?
Take care~
xjannyx 15 Aug, 2011
A drama with a SM idol and about a character that has amnesia? Doesn't sound good to me.
Was the plot boring or just predictable? It seems predictable =/

Ah, I get it. It's an easy going drama, then. The type that I enjoy XD But I already downloaded some episodes on my external hd, but now that I'm having a problem with it I can't watch it T^T Downloading it again just seems like a waste for me. How's Shinhye's character developing?

Yea, like you said, it does resemble Mexican soaps in that way, I hadn't thought of that, sorry. But it's so true! Does every married guy have an affair that ends up with a child being born and then meeting the father's family?
The mother in the drama seemed to be mentally ill x.x Actually most characters if not all seemed like that.

Exactly! Why are taiwanese dramas quality so poor? Is it because of how china is? Right again, most are manga based, no origical screenplay.
The language bothers me too. Like xiau or however it's spelled, it's confusing they call someone xiau when they're refering to them as "little -person's name-" yet xiau is also a name? O.O I don't get it.
Yes, the more you watch a certain language you get better at understanding at least the sound of the words, making it more enjoyable.
Hehe they do have a lot of episodes and not enough story to fill them all.
I really loved Gloomy Salad Days/Death Girl, but not because of the whole story, I only liked it because I was rooting for the main guy and the death girl. Also, have you ever noticed how strange the titles are? "Gloomy Salad Days"? Really?

Guess that's true, with no new plots all we've got to look forward to in dramas is the cast =/

So much fun XDDDD I'm jealous XD hehe
Enjoy your time off!
xjannyx 14 Aug, 2011
Never watched anything with him, but he's won so many awards O.O Must really be an impressive actor!
That's always good! XD

Did you read the manga or watch the anime first?
I agree, the main guy is boring =/

Yay!!! That makes me happy XD I really enjoy romance dramas that are all-around happy hehe
When it ends and you finish watching it, please, pretty please don't forget to tell me how it ended~


I went to Don Quixote's page on this site and so many people are liking it.. I'm not liking it at all. There are parts that are enjoyable, still it's not enough to make me like it.
It's really good! I haven't been this anxious waiting for subs like I am with IS.

Hehe it does take time to watch it. I watched it as it came out, two episodes per week, so it felt just like watching a normal soap opera, or 'uma novela da globo'.
The characters get even more annoying as the episodes went on, you might have done the right thing skipping it.
That's so true!!! All the drama the characters go through are so "wtf". They also remind me of those 9 o'clock globo soaps, everyone is so rich, the ones that start out poor always end up rich in the end. I really doubt everyone in Korea has that much money. We don't see a lot of that in jdramas.

Most taiwanese dramas are quite boring to me. Are they the ones you enjoy the most?

A tear jerker? Honestly, I know I complain too much, but dramas nowdays all seem to have the same plot -.-

Nah, your english is good :)
I should be the one to apologize for that, recently I can't even talk straight in everyday situations >.<
How nice! Did you travel anywhere? Or just relaxing at home?
xjannyx 14 Aug, 2011
It's alright, I'm taking a long time to reply as well =/

Yup! Thank you :D

Ahh.. sad endings are, well...sad T^T

That's the one with Geunsuk, right?

See! That's why I like to know the ending before watching a drama

Yea. It's enjoyable, there are parts that are very funny, the voice over is the only thing that I didn't like. And the main actor as well, so many people are watching because of him, but I have no idea who he is =P

Tell me how it is later on. I want to watch it, but I'll wait to see how things will turn out first.

Asuko March is really good! There really wasn't a lot of or any comedy that I recall, but still, it was enjoyable. Not a lot of drama, if I were to classify it I'd say it's kinda random. It's worth the watch. It gives off a good feeling to those watching =)

Now I'm watching Don Quixote, boring as hell. Jiu, I'm watching because of L, but I'm not liking it either. The only one I'm enjoying is IS. IS is really good! I wasn't too sure at first because of what it's about, and what the synopsys said, but it's so good!!!!!!!!

So glad that you liked it!!! It really is an amazing drama!
Same. There isn't any other dramas like that, that I know of. If you find one do tell me about it!

What are you watching now?

Take care~
xjannyx 20 Jul, 2011
Hey, really sorry for the late reply, busy with tests, now I'm back! hehe

It seems like it is, but I'm still not sure, it feels like here things are a bit more serious. That's true, specially the ones that are on prime time. That's true. Brazil is known for it's beautiful women on the beach and such.
Wow. Only 5 girls? That's so little. When did you graduate?
Yea.. The tests ended this past weekend, it seems like I only passed the human areas. But it's fine, that means in the end of the year I'll have to take only the exact tests to get my diploma.

How was it? They have a lot of good lives there! It amazes me how many bands play there every week!
There are, I have a friend from a town near Lyon (can't remember the town's name) and he was telling me how many of his friend have Portuguese gradparents.

Ahh.. that sucks >.<
So it was good?

I am. It's good, funny. But her parts all have voice overs, it's really awful.
Really? Why aren't you liking Heartstrings?