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"Why does the attacker throw sh*t at people? It would be so much nicer if he used mud´╗┐ instead. Mud is good for your skin." - Heechul from 'Attack On The Pin-Up Boys'


bittersweetirony 17 Oct, 2012
Late reply yet again. :p
Nope. I'm almost don't the first quarter of the school year. It's kind of stressful because I'm behind in one of my classes but I'm sure I'll get everything I need to done. Not as much time for dramas anymore. D:
How are you?? c:
ladyleen92 21 Aug, 2012
LOOOL!! Yeah I had a lot of fun watching anime & Drama
and reading a lot of manga <33
also I have my brother's wedding xD
ladyleen92 20 Aug, 2012
U R busy with exams and I'm still in summer vacation xD
ladyleen92 16 Jan, 2012
It's Okay xD
Yeah He's My Love :$ Kame <3

Jin's photo is soooooo Nice ! Hot ! <333
u can take it if u want xD

And kame's photo with kimono is sooo beautiful :$
ladyleen92 08 Jan, 2012
Miura Shohei is sooooo cute in ur avatar <33333
nancy 08 Dec, 2011
Hi! I already watched it and ep 12 too! But thank you for msg! :* It's addicting right? ;p
Random chan 18 Nov, 2011
XD no problem.
missblackrabbit 06 Sep, 2011
Saw your msg about Bloody Monday, have you tried d-addicts?