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wo ke neng bu hui ai ni TV
gi hwanghu TV
signal TV
gwaenchanha, sarangiya TV
misaeng TV
ibeon saengeun cheoeumira TV
naruto shippuuden animation
fruits basket animation
ouran koukou host club animation
tonari no totoro animation
sen to chihiro no kamikakushi animation
paradise kiss animation
Satou Takeru person
Gyu Hyeon person
Gang Dong Won person
Song Jung Gi person
Odagiri Joe person
Nagase Tomoya person


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"只要笑一笑, 没什么事情过不了。"
Just smile and there's nothing you can't overcome.

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usiekawaii 28 Aug, 2015
hey, i add you on my list. kissu :***
pieceofsushi 07 Feb, 2014
WHY OF COURSE :D #soulmatesmuch
emmeline 18 Aug, 2013
Do you like 'My Name is Kim S.S'? :D
emmeline 05 Aug, 2013
hehe what's your username?
emmeline 02 Aug, 2013
yeah, I doubt it, too...It's such a shame since it's really good! :/

Yes, I have - it's @chantaecs, feel free to follow if you want :D
emmeline 24 Jul, 2013
yay! I find him perfect for the role, too! :D ugh I enjoyed that drama so much, too bad there wasn't too much of a romance but still it was really amusing and cute and Siwon was really great! :)
alex3 24 Jun, 2013
Hi, I add you. You have an interesting list, it was my inspiration of what to watch today :3
rawrsiviee 14 May, 2013