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sayitaintsojoe 14 Oct, 2015
Saigo is one of my all time favorites, but it's all about each person's preference. The special and the 2nd season does develop things further and it gets even better, and the ending is especially good. But it's all about what what each person likes so...

About the fall dramas, I dunno lol, I'm just now starting the summer ones. I'm liking Omotesando tho. The talking teddy bear drama looked interesting tho. Oh and the one with Aragaki Yui has grey hair. I'm looking forward to those 2.
sayitaintsojoe 23 Sep, 2015
Did you like Saigo Kara Nibanmae no Koi?
sayitaintsojoe 23 Sep, 2015
Oh wow, haha. I'm flattered. You should have said something to me sooner. My ratings are kind of messed up on this site because I rated everything as a five in the beginning and it takes way too long to change it. So I really don't know when I started rating like a normal person.

My more accurate ratings are on the other mdl (the .com site). I generally do rate on the higher side though. Anyway, I love finding people that have the same taste as me. And sorry about not messaging back sooner. I just now saw your message.
sayitaintsojoe 05 Sep, 2015
tiger and dragon, the foreign duck, saikou no rikon, and yuusha are all some of my top favorites! I love your people too!
ohmyidol 05 Apr, 2013
I started watching the first half and it was indeed all recap so I stopped it and wasn't going to continue it but my friend told me that Part 2 is all new material so I just ignored part 1 and started watching from Part 2~
natss 29 Jan, 2012
Hey, Hiiii! Adding you on my list , too ^^ muah =**
jessicalvs 27 Jan, 2012
Hii there, it's fireandearth here hehe ^_^
i add you, hope is ok.
tchan 11 Jan, 2012
hi .. it's from "Can You Hear My Heart", a Korean drama. ^^