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I'm just someone who has watched a lot of (perhaps too many) Asian dramas and needs some record of what those are.


krissasaur 29 Nov, 2011
your spoiler tag is broken.
krissasaur 17 Nov, 2011
I understand your point, and i agree, mostly. i just think the word "dorama" has become a kind of.. exception? kind of like anime is a shortened way of saying animation.. and really, anime is just a cartoon, but we still call "asian cartoons" anime.. you know? I am not saying its as wide spread as the word 'anime', but to me dorama has the same type of feeling, and is gaining the same type of recognition.

i do whole heartedly understand what you mean though. i have met so many people who talk all... er.. japanese style.. and i can't even stand to hold a conversation with them. just... with everything they say.. kasdjghkfhglsdhflghdlfg.... and in this sense i do find it kind of offensive.

and sorry this is badly written. it is 4 am and i am about to crash for the night. haha. ♥
krissasaur 15 Nov, 2011
Idk. I use the term dorama sometimes. I call my English shows dramas, and my Asian ones doramas. Makes sense to me.

I understand your point when it comes to other words though. Some people just try way to hard to "be Asian."

But.. 'dorama?' idk, to me it has kind of become its own word.
keelin 19 Oct, 2011
That's interesting...I thought it's supposed to be dorama oh well you learn something new everyday :)
nanuklein 04 Mar, 2011
Welcome to MDL.

Since MDL doesn't notify users that have been addressed in the forums, I dare to notify you personally since your response interests me here, I posed you a question concerning your claim about the harvesting of organs while patients are not dead since I've never heard of it before, and am not sure what you meant by it. If you could clarify that, that would be very welcome. :)

Thanks in advance.