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arishai 24 Feb, 2013
I don't know. If I'll get accepted to AoFA I'm going to leave this school. If not - I'll just graduate XD
integra 14 Jan, 2013
:)))) yuuuuup!
arishai 11 Dec, 2012
In Warsaw, there is Academy of Film and Television which I attend. I think it's the only one film school in Poland which teaches you from the basics. But I really don't enjoy this school, I thought that I should leave after one semester, but I need the ID from this school so I'll leave it after one year XD.
Haha I know.. but those movies are really boring :D
Hmm, I really enjoy Tarkovsky movies. They are old but epic :d.

To be honest I imagined differently this study.. I thought that I'll see the real movie making, not do it only with classmates. We will never go to real filming set, and that's why I started to dislike this school. And there is a lot of people with no imagination. They make such basic shits, and most of girls are scared of camera. O.o it's really weird lol. Scriptwriting is the best! Directing is totally not for me, though I can imagine and draw it well, people mostly don't unederstand what I'm trying to tell me. I think I'll go back just to drawing animations lol, what I was doing on my bachelor studies XD.
I think you can try, If you really want to do this, there's no obstacle! (and working with camera, sound or light it's the hardest really XDDD).
arishai 07 Nov, 2012
Haha you have the same problem as me XD. I'm a film school student now, majoring in directing and scriptwritting, but I'm watching all the time korean movies, dramas.. somehow I don't want to watch all the time those Fellini or Visconti shits which normal people don't understand XDDD. But my teachers are saying that korean film will destroy me. Well. XD
What was good in american/european cinema I saw already, so why I cannot watch what I like? XD
dutchviola 04 Nov, 2012
Sandglass, I think I need to check that one out, heard a lot of good things about it!
dutchviola 04 Nov, 2012
I would say buy or ask one, because no dramas is not a option^^!
dutchviola 04 Nov, 2012
Haha, so you have it bad = addicted ~_^ now hope time flies so you can ask one for your birthday^^
dutchviola 04 Nov, 2012
You sound like a person in need of a external hard drive ~_^