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colii 19 Jan, 2015
Soniiiiiiiii <3 Mah es is toll hier! Und ah, bin bei Buzzer Beat Folge 7 Oo Eh kein Süchtler oder so...
noodlemouth 11 Jun, 2013
Has to be Kirishou! ^v^
But I love everyone :)
noodlemouth 10 Jun, 2013
Who's your favourite? :)
noodlemouth 10 Jun, 2013
Hmm... rarely use tumblr, just go on it to take pictures.... I think I'm "noodlemouth" XD

Heehee, I think I saw you on one of the Golden Bomber pages ^v^
noodlemouth 10 Jun, 2013
Thank you :D

Kenji is amazing <3
noodlemouth 10 Jun, 2013
Golden Bomber make me so happy. One I spent about 30minutes looking them up on tumblr, then decided they were one of my favourite bands! ^v^
noodlemouth 10 Jun, 2013
Love your gifs :O

I've submitted loads of Golden Bomber tours if you're interested ^v^
lidren 04 Oct, 2012
Instead of spamming the Arashi group, I decided to come here to be creepy xD

So, I just asked because I read that fic you posted a couple of days ago (I think it was you, now I can't find it D: ) and I found it so sweet and I loved it *-* And I thought maybe you'd like to know...?