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hunter×hunter animation
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"This dorama is sooooo damn bad...
should I drop it?
nah, maybe it gets better!! :D"

- Optimist dorama-whore (me)

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15-12-2011 - Watched 150 days worth of dorama!
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I like movies with fighting scenes, but no weapons please..
Any recommendation? :)


ynaoblivious 04 Oct, 2015
sorry I saw this so late! I don't check here as much as I do on twitter :)) actually, I'm trying to find the ST movie subs, but seems like it hasn't been subbed yet :(
misetekure 02 Oct, 2015
Hey!! I don't have them anymore, but I found a link for you ;D
kamilles 07 Aug, 2015
Haha, den eneste anden dansker jeg kender herinde er min søster, så det er det samme for mig. xD
bakachan 14 Jul, 2015
Maybe here :

But I don't know if the links are good...
bakachan 10 Jul, 2015
Hi~ I'm French, so this drama have French subtitles ^^' I don't know if you can find it in English subtitles =/ (And I think it's a friend who has passed me ^^')
misetekure 14 Jan, 2014
eruroraito 05 Mar, 2013
mitttttte where do u get subs for naku na harachan?
miunyankodesu 05 Mar, 2012
It works for me! :D - I couldn't find it xD;
but it's more fun to watch together! :D