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bluenvision 13 Sep, 2011
Thanks, mellon. That helped me big time. *0* Sometimes mistakes like this happen. ^^''
anjelllover 06 Sep, 2011
Haha nope, they said because us kids are young, we'll just have to use our hands (it's really because the government doesn't want to pay for extra tools). Omg you got into an accident?!?! I'd be super scared too then...hope you're okay though! I just came back from San Francisco, and I bought a whole supply of dramas to last me through the school year!!!!!! I've actually seen most of them already, but they're just those dramas where you can watch them over and over and over...have you started school yet? I'm starting tomorrow :( It's annoying I buy all these dramas the day before I go to school, so I have no time really to watch them.
riaria 03 Sep, 2011
Most Russian city in China??? What does that even mean?

I heard that, for most Europeans, Japanese is easier to learn than Chinese, because Chinese is tone-sensitive language. Japanese intonation is closer to the general indo-european, thus i think it might be easier to learn for me as well.

And about Chinese hating Japanese... Yeah, it is a bit similar here as well. Most of the Latvian kids nowadays don't know and don't want to know Russian, bc the hate for what Russians did during USSR regime is just, like, planted in their blood by their parents. I don't know... I think that the nations should not be held responsible for what their leaders did. Thinking in those terms, it would mean half the world should hate Germans for Hitler etcetera, but, really, that is just one strong personality who took advantage of the nation when it was weak and on its knees. You can't hate all the Germans, can you?

Thus, I have Russian friends and German friends and the only ones I really hate are the narrow-minded people who decide they are smart and strong enough to role kingdoms. Seriously, they are the root of evil.
Am I making sense? XD

About French, I took my last lesson and exam more than 4 years ago, so I doubt I could be of any help to you. I suggest you find some French friend, maybe we have someone here in MDL? If not, of course I will be more than willing to go through my notes and help you with anything I can :)

Take care & hope to hear from you soon^^
anjelllover 31 Jul, 2011
So have you been staying in China the entire summer? Hope you're having an amazing time!!!
I'm so excited-I just started my first job on Friday!!! But it's a crappy job, literally...I'm picking up garbage off the freeway :(
And I've started driving!! I'm sooo scared of driving though...
canas 23 Jul, 2011
Haha I found your profile and read your about information. Anyway, I'm Chinese too, Chinese American to be exact. I've never been outside of North America, but I plan on traveling a lot with my friends and my dad in the future once and if I have the money. My dad went back to China for the first time since I was born, that's like 24-25 years, last November. Anyway he had fun there and saw his family he hadn't seen since forever. He said China changed a lot. My mom's family is from China too but they went to the United States a generation earlier. It's ironic how the United States is going downhill while China is going uphill. Both my parents' families immigrated here after all. I still love the United States though, it's a great country where even me can achieve great things.

I have my Bachelor's degree in Biology, I noticed you telling someone you didn't want to major in a hard science because of the labs. I love science of course my dad influenced me heavily in that aspect. Oh and I'm going back to school to try to get a doctorate in physical therapy. At first I wanted to become a Neuroscientist but I changed my mind.

As for my drama interests. I love Korean dramas the most. I've been watching a long Chinese drama too, it's called Three Kingdoms the 2010 edition. I told my dad about it and he finished watching it raw in only like 1 or 2 weeks. Of course I have to wait for the English subs from Jiang Hu Fansubs though since I don't know Chinese pretty much at all, lol.
riaria 22 Jul, 2011
Wow, now this is awesome. I envy you a bit, since it must be loads easier to learn Asian languages in you case. I started playing with Korean, but never got serious with it, since it just felt like a lot of work and little satisfaction. Plus, being able to practice the language is really important, there are no Koreans or Korean centres here, so I understand your situation with Chinese.

A while ago, I saw a movie about a guy from future traveling back in time. Anyway, he had a special device to "put" all languages he needed right inside his head. When I saw it, I was like "Dude, that is the coolest thing ever!" XD
anjelllover 19 Jul, 2011
Sorry I haven't replied-I got completely sidetracked and forgot to go on this site. Ooh I hope you're having fun in China!! What stuff did you buy? That's soooo cool you did a photoshoot!!!
riaria 12 Jul, 2011
Omo, where did you learn Chinese?? And Finnish! Finnish is my favourite from Scandinavian lgs (love the sound of it)
Erm, yeah, I know I sound geekish, but I get easily excited when speaking about languages. I have (will have in few months) BA in philology, so, yeah -_-

I mix Polish with Russian when speaking, but never the other way round. I think it is because we have so many Russians here, I use it more than Polish. I studied French in high school as well, but, once at the university, English and Spanish became my battle fields.

Tell me, how come you know Finnish and Chinese? *_*