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sleepninja 10 Dec, 2013
Ohh! Well that's still great. :) It's good that you are so close that people make that mistake. lol!
sleepninja 04 Dec, 2013
That's true! All in good time. :) Aww that's so sweet. How long have y'all been married? :) Yes, I wish that next year will be awesome for all of us!
sleepninja 28 Nov, 2013
OMG Yeah, the price of make-up is crazy! haha Hopefully Santa will fulfill your request for cosmetics. xD
sleepninja 21 Nov, 2013
Thanks! :) Ooh I love seeing food reviews. Are you still doing the stage make-up?

I haven't seen all of it, but I watched a lot of it when it aired in the U.S. :)
sleepninja 11 Nov, 2013
haha Yeah, the sweet children type anime are nice to watch every once in a while. I have some episodes of Hamtaro on DVD still.

Oooh I really want to make a trip out to the Asian market and stock up, but they are really far away. It would take and hour or two to reach them. :/ I need to find a good day to do that. lol

Me too! :3 I also have a little nephew on the way. A lot of my friends and family member got pregnant this year. :O Must be something in the water. lol!
sleepninja 08 Nov, 2013
I'm so glad you liked it. :D I still haven't gotten around to completing it, but I am now anxious to do so. lol Thanks! I actually am having a great week. I got to see my best friend and her little baby. :3

How have you been? I saw that you just completed Sugar Sugar Rune, how was it?
sleepninja 08 Oct, 2013
I hope you like it. :) The two leads are favorites of mine. ^^
sleepninja 05 Oct, 2013
Ahh I see. You do the same thing I do. I always wait for dramas to finish airing before watching. I only made an exception for That Winter, The Wind Blows this year. lol

Thanks! *hugs back* I hope you'll be able to find some other winners from this year. Some people I know recently finished Master's Sun and they said it was really good.