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Don't pay attention to my ratings. I rated pretty much everything as a 5 when I first started watching, and it's too much trouble to change it.




lonelily 23 Sep, 2015
no problem~
i tend to rate on the higher side too (except when i feel like the drama/movie is overrated and doesn't deserve such a high general rating, but that's rare).

and yes i liked Saigo kara Nibanme no Koi ! but. i must admit i wasn't as enthusiastic as all the great reviews i've seen about it. i liked it a lot and i didn't feel like giving it any less than a 4 stars, but oddly enough, at the same time, i didn't really 'feel' anything ? it's a personal point of view and feeling, but it was like i almost didn't care. it's strange because i loved the messages, and i loved the casting, and the characters were all nice but... but ??? somehow i had no particular attachment to any of them, and i have no idea why. but, i liked the story more near the end, so i'm thinking i might like the 2nd season a bit more maybe ? idk.
(anyway ! sorry for the rant ! i'm not a talkative person, but if someone asks me something... well then i tend to talk ^^')
any dramas you're excited about for the upcoming season ? i was kinda let down with the summer season tbh :/ i hope next season will have better dramas~
lonelily 05 Sep, 2015
ahaha ! ^^
not to sound creepy but i've been following you for a while now. (by following, i mean, yeah, your ratings etc have been part of my updates and all). (when i find someone who has pretty good percentage of compatibility with me i like to follow them ^^ so that when i'm searching for a drama or movie to watch i know how the ppl i'm following have rated it all.) (so far you're actually my 2nd best compatibility person in my list eh !).
i've noticed that you've often been nicer and more enthusiast than me in the ratings (or i'm just a bit more harsh and severe), like when you rate it 4 stars i'll rate it 3 and when you rate it 5 i'll rate it 4 etc
anyway, thanks for the little message~!
goguma 17 Oct, 2014
Hey, that's nice. I can tell which one you especially like by your avatar and user name! :) I love Love shuffle so much, from time to time I just happen to remember the elevator scene - it's genius xD And flowerboy was nice though recently I realized that I always give really high score right after I finished the series and some time later I'm like whyyyyy (same as you)...but this one really was good if you are interested in this genre. :)
daredaniel 13 Oct, 2014
tks I added it to my list
purefault 09 Oct, 2014
Oh yeah, I'm glad you liked it. haha. I really need to watch it again. I only watched it once, but I liked it a lot.
purefault 07 Oct, 2014
I hope you like it!
purefault 05 Oct, 2014
Ahh, "Eternal Sunshine" is one of my favorites!! For some reason, I was thinking about only Asian movies... haha.
Well, I'm not sure if you'll like it, but I also recommend "Upstream Color". It's really different...
daredaniel 02 Oct, 2014
Yeah I've seen it when it came out. very heartful film, the kind of teen film that you don't see much coming from hollywood