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last active 12 Jan, 2016
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interests Tokyo Tower and pretty boys
located Canada
born 30 Oct, 1988
joined 24 Apr, 2011
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brother beat TV
bokutachi to chuuzai san no 700 nichi sensou film
kekkon dekinai otoko TV
nobuta. wo produce TV
xiao zi nĂ¼ hai xiang qian chong TV
coffee prince 1 hojeom TV
ao no exorcist animation
byousoku 5 centimeter animation
mononokehime animation
yamato nadeshiko shichi henge animation
kimi to boku. animation
Iwamoto Hitoshi person
Nakashima Tetsuya person
Abe Hiroshi person
Yamashita Tomohisa person
Miyamoto Rieko person
Shinkai Makoto person
Okumura Yukio character
Howl character
San character
Oreki Houtarou character
Otonashi Io character
Tachibana Makoto character


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liucchan 05 Mar, 2016
Heeello!! Another great fan of Yamapi, handsome boys and Tokyo Tower! *high five
sc0pii0gal 03 Jan, 2014
Happy New Year, my dear friend. yeah i went to my neighboring country and just came back ^^
sc0pii0gal 16 Dec, 2013
i'm fine, my friend. How's about you?
sc0pii0gal 12 Dec, 2013
Hello ^^
sc0pii0gal 07 Nov, 2012
you too :D
sc0pii0gal 02 Nov, 2012
30 oct?
sc0pii0gal 05 Oct, 2012
hahaha :X i no longer a k-pop fans already. it seem no matter how much album they come out. the way they dress won't changed much. not as cool as j-rock :X
sc0pii0gal 28 Sep, 2012
wow. thanks :D anyway i stop k-pop recently :X