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emmelined 25 Apr, 2012
Hi there! :D
unguanime 22 Jan, 2012
Sorry for the late reply. My laptop is broken. And I was busy with final exams.

It's really disturbing.

I hope you like SPEC~

Realistic rom-coms..... Let me think about it. I can't think about anything right now. And I'm a bit in a hurry because I'm using someone's computer.... >_<
unguanime 02 Jan, 2012
I don't like it too. I haven't read the original work, but still it bugs me. One of the part that bugs me is when they said "one of the highlights of this movie is the relationship between Akiyama and the new character." I don't like it.

SPEC is good~ Well, depends on the person but I think you might like it.
It's kind of a mix of detective and supernatural. I don't know if you're okay with it.
What attracts me the most to SPEC is the characters. Touma (Toda Erika) and Sebumi (Kase Ryo) are awesome, both as individuals and as a pair.

Ah, yes, I haven't watched Mr. Brain yet. I'll give it a try. Thanks!
unguanime 31 Dec, 2011
Hi, it's been a long time~

What do you think of the upcoming Liar Game movie? I don't know why they continue it without Nao.... I guess Erika is busy with SPEC. I prefer she focus on SPEC though, hehe.
unguanime 20 Sep, 2011
It's okay. I can't go online often too. I got bad internet connection >_<

I forgot when it changed xD

I'm watching Soredemo Ikite Yuku, IS, Arakawa Under The Bridge, Detective Conan, Ikemen Desu ne, Kingyo Club... They're all currently airing dramas.

P.S.: I don't mind long messages XD
unguanime 24 Aug, 2011
He... So Nao is a bit different... That's interesting. LOL, mushroom head XD

What T-drama did you watch?

I know. I just wrote quite a long comment and then it just disappeared. Totally ruined my mood. Sorry for the short comment.
unguanime 18 Aug, 2011
It's okay. Aah, video games are dangerous. LOL.

Is Liar Game manga as good as the drama? Yeah, you should give them a try ^^ I've showed 20th Century Boys to 2 of my girl friends. I didn't think that they would love it because they usually read shoujo manga. And the volume I showed to them wasn't even the first volume of the series. I think it was the 11th or so. They just got sucked by reading it. I'm amazed and impressed by the mangaka.

Okay, I'll watch it. But maybe not in the near time. I'm moving out of town next week and I won't be able to download dramas. I hope one of my new friends has Kimi wa Petto so I don't have to download ^^
I haven't watched any of Matsujun's drama :( I've only watched Nino's and Ohno's.

I'm sorry I haven't watched any T-dramas. I've only watched Chinese dramas, Jewel Princess and Romance In The Rain when I was in elementary school. But I can't make a recommendation for them.
unguanime 08 Aug, 2011
Right. Bleach and Naruto are tiring. Maybe I'll just read the summaries or ask my friend to tell me. LOL.
Why shonen manga always so long, has too many characters and too many fighting techniques?

Do you like seinen manga? Stuffs like 20th Century Boys and xxxHolic?

Aah, I haven't watched Kimi wa Petto...

You're welcome ;D