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My name isn't really r0lan, it's an alias i've used since 08'.
It is r0lan with a zero :)

Boring after first 20mins and/or after the first 3 episodes. Maybe i'll resume it at a later date...?

Scale: 1-3/10
Superrr bad don't bother

Scale: 4-6/10
Ehk. Just ehk. Not good not bad. Just ehk.

Scale: 7/10
Would totally recommend!

Scale: 8-9/10
Would totally recommend! Probably cried over it that it's finished and would most likely rewatch it again when I feel bored.

Scale: 10/10
Would toooootally recommend! Any recco you ask, I will give you this titles answer. Would cry at the ending. Would buy it on DVD. Would rewatch it many times. Bye bye money.


linguist 16 Sep, 2015
Congratulations for the first place in the MDL 6th Birthday giveaway :D
filo 12 Dec, 2013
Well, I'm learning Japanese since beginning 2010. But only when I was first in Japan (so 2 years later) I really began speaking. And after I was used to speaking, I just became better while watching dramas. And repeating some sentences from a CD. This really helps! oO And when I was in Japan this year I improved my speaking skills. So at all it took me around 3,5 years to speak casually like this. ^^ Since I was in Hokkaido I even learned some Hokkaido dialect. It's funny. :)
Do/did you learn Japanese?

I like battling in Pokémon too. But recently everyone is using Mewtwo and such. I don't use them so it's a bit... well, disappointing. ^^'

I see you're watching kuroko no basuke... is it good?
filo 10 Dec, 2013
Pokémon! :D What friend safari do you have? I've fire. ^^

And by the way: hello! XD
susan 24 Nov, 2013
I will forward this to Hideki. I don't have the power to edit recommendations once I've merged them.

IT's certainly my fault for not noticing. Thank you for letting me know!
rainbowfun 04 Sep, 2013
listed you~~~
yurisama 21 Jul, 2013
Your Welcome :3
Haha, is that so? xD , because it's a Great anime to me ^_^
yurisama 20 Jul, 2013
I have some recommend but I don't know your taste in anime so I chose Random anyway d:
and yeah if that okay.., none of them in the end getting killed but There was the same following.

Hunter x Hunter (1999) (9/10)
The antag was order to kill his best friend.
an Adventures, action, friendship anime.

Igano Kabamaru (9/10)
umm, the protag didn't want to fight against his best friend but the antag didn't care and was trying to kill him.
if you liked the humour it has, you will liked it, if you don't ,nope.

Tegami Bachi (8/10)
His friend change, and the antag trying to kill the protag although the protag didn't want to fight him.
it's a Fantasy anime, still the protag is a crybaby, so maybe you will liked it maybe not.
minjung 03 Apr, 2013
Bwahaha i need to spend some time on youtube then :'D