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Hi there! I am 22, and I'm from Singapore! I'm really friendly and hope to find friends out there who love the same dramas as me!!!

I love reading books; romance, mystery, fantasy, etc. I love playing Sims too!!

I love K-pop and my korean idols/groups are;
-BTS (Bangtan Boys)
-Miss A
-Girl's Day
-After School
-I.O.I (Produce 101)

My favourite dramas are;

Korean dramas top list:
1) Palace/ Princess Hours (The acting was pretty good, it had funny and moving scenes.)
2) Secret Garden (Loved the chemistry between Hyeon Bin & Ha Ji Won.)
3) The Moon embracing the sun (The entire drama was really good & I loved the casts; Han Ga In, Kim Su Hyeon, Jeong Il U, Yeo Jin Gu, Kim Yu Jeong, Im Si Wan, Lee Min Ho.)
4) You're beautiful (Mixture of music and romance in the drama was pretty good. Love Park Shin Hye.)
5) The rooftop prince (Really funny!! Park Yu Cheon & Han Ji Min were amazing.)
6) Master's Sun (Loved it so much with the quirky moments)
7) Reply 1994
8) It's okay, it's love
9) Warm & Cozy
10)Remember-War of Son

As for Japanese dramas;
1) Gokusen (All seasons, I love Nakama Yukie.)
2) hanazakari no kimitachi e ikemen paradaisu -2007 ver.- (I LOVE Oguri Shun & Horikita Maki.)
3) Spec (I love Toda Erika. The chemistry between the two leads were too good.)
4) ikemen desu ne (This version was pretty good too!)
5) hidarime tantei eye (I love Yamada Ryousuke!!)
6) Andou Llyod (High tech stuff that amazes me, 5D printer and Suppli!!)
7) Priceless (Loved how it taught me alot about how life is not about the money)

Moving on to China/ Taiwan dramas:
1) huan zhu ge ge -Season 1 & 2- (I love Zhao Wei so much!! She was perfect as Xiao Yan Zi.)
2) hua yang shao nian shao nü (I love the three lead casts, they were awesome!!)
3) ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni (This drama was really sad and touching, cried so much in this.)
4) zhong ji yi jia (This drama is mega funny! Laughed throughout!!)
5) gong zhu xiao mei (Pretty decent drama.)

At last a Singapore/ China collaboration:
1) The Dragon Heros featuring Christopher Lee, Li Xiao Lu & Cui Peng. (I loved this drama so much that I searched for it so bad online!! Can't seem to find it!!)

Also, I have an adorable black rabbit at home, and I welcome all to be my friend on this site!! Happy surfing!!


ありがとうのみんな!! (Thank you everyone)

Last updated May 2016.


rawrsiviee 29 Aug, 2013

Btw, nice to meet you! I read your profile description, it's really interesting )) Plus, I'm a fan of Sims too! if you mean the game ? o-o (omo have you seen the trailer of sims 4? that was awesome) Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Sivie ^ ^ and yours?
rawrsiviee 14 May, 2013
Click on the banner ^-^
serynyan 26 Oct, 2012
Yeah, i luv him too!
serynyan 27 Jan, 2012
I've added you ^^
keelin 28 Oct, 2011
Heellloo~~ ^^
arielifeoma 23 Jun, 2011
Hi. Well I'm not from Singapore. I don't want to be mean either but as a veteran that served my country, I don't like to be mistaken for another nationality so could you please delete the comment that you posted to that effect on my page? I can't figure out how to delete it myself and the assumptions from others is starting to really bother me.
iwannaafly 21 May, 2011
iwannaafly 21 May, 2011
Nice profile .Would you mind if I add you to my friend list?!