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innocent love TV
1 litre no namida TV
my boss my hero TV
boku no hatsukoi wo kimi ni sasagu film
haereul pumeun dal TV
neukdaesonyeon film
basilisk: kouga ninpouchou animation
tsubasa chronicle animation
seirei no moribito animation
ookami kodomo no ame to yuki animation
sword art online animation
kotourasan animation
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Horikita Maki person
Kajiura Yuki person
Sakamoto Maaya person
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"Just your touch... gets me excited. It makes me so happy. But those feelings will all turn into pain. The happier I am now, the more it'll hurt. I know how cruel this is... but no matter how hard I try, I can't rid myself of this. Rem... I... don't know... what love is."

Welcome to my profile! My name is Roku
and I'm a big romance fanatic! I think
love is a magical and emotional journey
that I enjoy the most out of all the thrillers
and scares of any other genre.

Feel free to leave me comments, I will
rarely be on but I do check up every now
and then.

Thanks for the visit!


yoonmin 03 Aug, 2013
You should! ^^ I really like it
yoonmin 01 Aug, 2013
Yeah same ^^ Are you watching Heartless City though? cause it´s really really awesome!
yoonmin 29 Jul, 2013
Yes, I have seen it ^^ And yeah, they are cute ^^
I didn´t like the drama all too much though.. it was a bit boring
yoonmin 29 Jul, 2013
Yes, I have seen it ^^ And yeah, they are cute ^^
I didn´t like the drama all too much though.. it was a bit boring
yoonmin 20 Jul, 2013
Well, I can´t really decide on one favorite either. I have something like 20 favorites xD
Favorite actor/actress then? ^^
yoonmin 16 Jul, 2013
Yes of course ^^ I´m fine with that!
I don´t watch anime though, I´ve seen like... 5.. and a few anime movies ^^;;;
What´s your favorite drama(any country)? :D
Random chan 13 Jul, 2013
You should involve bluenvision, dutchviola, lothiriel and lustmord. Those are the closest people to unicorn experts I know XDDD.
Random chan 10 Jul, 2013
:o oh, you are right. That is a rather concerning matter. We shall further research it before we create artificial unicorns on this planet.