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hananochikai 24 Apr, 2012
where are you my friend?
i miss you soooooooooooooooooooo much...
kicc 24 Feb, 2012
Hello! (I'm answering late again, right? Let me blame school things for it, okay? I'm sorry!)
Thank you for asking, I'm completely fine already. Okay, except for a bit of coughing, but that's nothing, it's winter, after all, right? ^^
That's so true, tbh. I don't even talk to my friends from primary school anymore, and I graduated only four years ago (not even four years yet). It really is sad, but what could we do? ):
You must be right, but it is different in my case, you know. When I was 12 (you mentioned that age, that's why I'm mentioning that one too), the things that were really important to me were animes, Backstreet Boys, Tokio Hotel and writing. All four of these are still really important to me. But even though I would love to think that it will be the same with everything, I'm sure there will be times when you'll be right and I'll just grow out of liking some things. Kind of sad, in my opinion...
Ahw, you're so right again. I mean, so many people just blindly love those movies and so, but most of the characters usually really have annoying personalities or something that could easily make fans hate them if they weren't so blind. Okay, exceptions exist too, but that's rarer. So I agree with you on pretty much everything you wrote. ^-^
Uhh, I'm afraid all the things I write would be unfamiliar for you, and the things you maybe would like are older which means they were written in Hungarian... don't know if it's a good or bad thing, 'cause I'm not sure if you would have liked my style, but still... I'm sorry. ):
Sorry again for answering late, hope everything's fine with you. ^-^
hananochikai 19 Feb, 2012
except my term begin this week i'm good...what about you?
sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...i think i went a little two far...i always become little sensitive when i see the words "aiba" and "talent" in one sentence unconsciousnessly ...since i heard from some of his fans that he is only cute face with no talent before... and you know,when i hear something like that i feel like something in depth of my heart is burning ...sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry for misunderstanding....gomennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn m(-_-)m
and you now i personally believe all people have talent at everything equally...but there are something that make talents grow...this thing depend on everyone for me i think it is "love"...i only can do something well when i have passionate "love" about it...for some people it is "goal"...there are many other things too...
ahhh....i wish i could see him on little shop of horrors stage...he is way too passionate about it...
i'm also not fan of sci-fi,meccha stories...the story itself has kind of cliche...and i wasn't to positive about watching it...but when i watched it was wonderful...and i think that all is thx to actors talent...they made wonderful stage that i watched it twice(let alone aiba's part which i rewatch the whenever i miss him)...also i love aiba's voice in there...i loved his voice from the start but you now i think hi
and i didn't watched the anime due to my dislike of meccha(i only watched 2 or 3 title meccha so far)...

i think it is because you are originally yuichi fan...i also were very sad when he announced departing D-Date and D-boys...but honestly D-Date reaction made me love them more...the picture of their face specially arayan in summer concert when shunji said unfortunately he couldn't make it to there was what i loved...i thought they really should love him...they were very sad...also arayan's blog entry made me love him...there is something i care to more than being good actor/singer/whatever...and it is being good human...and among all human feeling i love the friendship...i hope channaka make it to D-boys and D-date again...

well my family got used to my love toward Japanese(we have the same case in home,my father love Korean and their drama as much as i love japan :D) but as my friend i don't bother talking with my university friend about it at all,and my other friend think it is little weird but they don't say anything to me!i have best friend ,she is almost only one among my friend who always like me to tell her what i watched and etc...though she isn't japan fan at all...
my brother watch anime sometimes...his girl friend is obsessed with anime too:D
yup,but it is only a little...we started learning Japanese in summer...we learned 'till 103 kanji+kana ...but the school and uni don't leave much time for us...we learn in slowly pace at holidays... i'm also far from good...and the problem is even if i understand what they are talking i suck at reading...2000 kanji is way too much:D
well i kind of burn with 3 language so i'm used to learn foreign languages:D if you add English Japanese is the 5th one i'm learning...i also like Italian,i tried it before but my interest changed to Japanese so i left it...
i love how you think of aiba and how he help you in your is beautiful...i wish i would be like that too...
yeah it was nice...they also didn't animated some other nice part how nioh make himself look atobe and ordered kabaji to help out kaido:D
hananochikai 14 Feb, 2012
np,glad to hear that...i'm also very happy talking to you...
glad to hear that too^_^
i think i decieded is very hard choice though since i love them all...but i think in the end i would go with miura shuhei...i love tomo too...and seto and daito...and yamamoto yusuke they are all lovely...event wataru's mother,teachers were lovely too...
i agree seto and the rest are very talented actors..but i don't think aiba isn't very talented...i agree at first he was not natural in front of camera(4 example first episode of deligaku, i though aiba and ryonryon aren't good actors)in tadashi he was better but not that good...but i think he changed since cafe daikanyama(where i thought he is very talented actor) aiba case...not sure how to say it in english.. but he is way different from seto and others...therefore i can't compare them...aiba talent is stage...when i saw samurai 7...i unconsciousnessly praised talent of nishi,aiba and shouhei and also the girl whom was in pristes me in stage aiba is the most talented one...and in drama/movie he is in the top 10 at least(since kaito royale)...the other difference about aiba is he almost comedy actor...and comedy is way too different of other roles,isn't it?comedy character isn't we can't expect something natural of him...i mean you can't see a character like rin,ryonosuke,shurinusoke,keisuke and etc in real life..
i liked yamamoto yusuke since ouran...same goes for daito shunsuke...kyoya was my fav back in the anime when there weren't any live action for ouran...i watched the live action because of the twin specially shinpei...they ended up my fav characters at the end too...
it is hard to watch something without my sister notice best friend always is my little sister and we always are together even we share the same i had wait to find good time...and she may don't know English that good but she kind of understand Japanese(not well,a little less than Japanese isn't that good either)
speaking of you follow D-date too?i love them they are my fav band...ans seto is amazing(not as much as arayan is...but seto is pure awesomeness there too,i love the other two,shunji and arata as well)...i was so sad channaka didn't make it and had to retire...also when they said about channaka in their first live and i saw how they are sad for him too i started to love them more and i said before there is nothing as beautiful friendship...
kaido will be back to the team...along with all who lost the games...they will become stronger...
waiting for your message...bye for now^_^
kicc 11 Feb, 2012
Hello~ <3
Thank you, I'm a lot better now. I'll go back to school on Tuesday already. ^^
It's okay, I think I know this feeling ~thanks to~ a friend of mine. Nowadays I feel that she got tired of me and if she talks to me she does that only because she feels she has to... I'm childish, I know, but I've been crying a lot of times the past three days, and today also I woke up with a really-really bad feeling. Aish, sorry, this is out of topic. The main point is that you shouldn't think anything like this, because you're amazing and I love you. (:
I can understand that. I'm glad you had people to whom you could show what you wrote, and if that makes you satisfied, then nothing else is needed. ^^
Ugh, why do parents have to be like that towards everything? Mine are the same with my fanatism over Asia - they don't even really care, because they just say "yeah, okay, you will grow up soon and forget these things, anyway". ^^"
I write in both Hungarian and English - mostly the second one recently -, but those are fandom things - fanfictions-, so if I ever wanted to publish them, I would have to pay a lot to those who are my characters. :'D But it's okay, they are great for practice, and later on I'll try writing something original which can be published... I'd love to be professional one day, but I'm not too self-confident, so... but even if it will stay as a hobby, I love doing it, and right now, with my 17-years-old way of thinking, it's enough for me. ^-^
But really, it is beautiful that you love him purely for who he is, not just for something he was born with - like talent or looks or anything. (:
I would love to learn both, but since the Korean writing looks easier (even though the pronunciation is harder), I would like to start with that. But there are a lot of languages I would love to learn; Chinese, Portugese, Spanish, maybe German... ^^
Thank you. Take care too~ And have a great weekend. ^-^ Bye-bye~
kicc 09 Feb, 2012
Hello~ <3
First of all, I'm sorry. I fell ill around a week or so ago, and since then I was online for only a few minutes every day, to get homework from a friend. I know I promised to inform you about things like that, but if I can be completely honest, I did not feel like doing anything between two medicines and a tea. But why did I answer to that other girl in alien language (yepp, Hungarian), you may ask. She's an older friend from, and she just found my account here (which is funny because I had her listed as a friend for quite some time already), and because we did not talk for a pretty long time already, I just wrote her back fastly, and we ended up exchanging messages. I'm sorry that I made you feel bad with it. I'm sorry.

After you mentioned it, I searched for that final stage show. I'm DLing it right now, hope everything's going to be fine with it. ^^
Yes, they should become like Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun... I'm still amazed in how many dramas they played together. ^-^
But you seriously should go and give them to someone to publish them. I know I'm saying it without knowing anything and you know it better than me what you should do with them, but still..! <3
That's even better then! I mean, if you really are not the type to learn languages easily, it's amazing that you still can learn Japanese, because that shows how much you want it, and that really is great. I love your attitude. I get what you mean, because Asian languages are really a lot harder to learn, and that's why you're lucky to have such an ambition for learning Japanese. I bet it would be easy to give up studying it if you wouldn't live Japan this much. (:
It's beautiful how you see Aiba. I'm glad there is someone to whom he means so much - and that he is such an inspiration for you. (:

I'm sorry I can't answer well. But still, I'm happy that you think of me as a friend who you could share these things with. Thank you.
Sorry again for replying late. It's time for me to go and get another medicine, take care, okay? <3
Bye-bye! (:
hananochikai 09 Feb, 2012
hope you are better now...i also love to hear my friends feeling...feel free to talk to me about every thing even if it's too dark^_^
sometimes i feel it if i'm empty...there is absolutely nothing...not love nor hate...same goes for happiness,sadness and other is strange and you never get to know why you feel like this time i think i try to make change in my life...only something that sound different than yesterday/usual,no matter what it is...if you still feel the same try that method...
hmmm,they both seem interesting characters... i never watched both anime before,but i was planning to start "E's otherwise" and downloaded its first episode before i'm looking forward to it more...
aiba's name tattoo?that's cool...and no i don't think about is so nice of you to think that way also...i really believe that ppl hearts are connected to each other with the bond of love(and all humans have love in them so people are connected to each other before even they know it)....and when you love someone and wish something for him/her it will reach him/her for sure...of course doesn't matter he/she know you or not...
i know it seems like only beautiful words...but i truly believe it and there isn't anything wrong to believe beautiful words...

yeah i started to watch it...and i should say amazing...friendship is sacred relationship...and nothing like beautiful friendship touch my itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt...i love it more when i laugh when they laugh and i cry when they cry...sometimes i feel i'm one of the kara-koo shindaiso club!!!:Xd... i even can't decide which one is my fave character since i love them all!...the most time i cried was kiyama episode up 'till now...i finished watching the 6th episode right now...i gonna watch two per day ...but i know i will be so sad when it finish...
btw i watch every episode by myself and one with my sister(she is only 13 so i have to translate the English for her)...she always has the same interest as me(even in aibacchi) so she love tumbling too...
if you know a drama like this and have other drama you like as much as like this be sure to tell me...

i also don't like hero who always win or always is the best...echizen isn't exception too so i was glad he lost too(i even preferred that seigaku would lost before they whin the nationals once or twice...i can tell you kaido will be back or not if you want to spoil it...which seigaku member is your fav?for me it is fuji and kaido...

my term will start in next 5 days...with this one will be 2 years 'till i graduate...time pass quickly...i think i'll go buy some books for this term next week...i don't enjoy buying a thing as much as i enjoy buying books...
hananochikai 04 Feb, 2012
that's good^_^ iran's time zone is 3:30 so there isn't much difference between as...btw here saterday is the first day of week!!!and the Friday is the end!now everytime for me is holiday since i'm in holiday between two term...starting next week there will be a lot of studies waiting for me with the nect term TT_TT
:D you don't seem egoistic to me!...and cool meaning...tokogawa?that's is historic name based on general name right?from which anime he was?long time a go(from 6 years ago 'till about year ago) i was called "alba" too but i changed it...(alba is italian name also used for boys! it means dawn.... when you change yourself and start a new lif,new beliefs,new living way is like sut when it dawn and shines again so i choosed that nick name...kinda like dramatic things,they look cool:D)
and yessssssss white suit him a lot...yup i love to see him in every type character...the bad dark would also be great thing...he can make me love every type he play...for example i used to hate characters that are loyal to their masters(something like gokudera hayato in katekyo hitman reborn anime if you watched it before,or even ryunosuke form shinkenger)but now i think i can take interest in those type to...though my type character will be narcissism devilish with always smiling face type for ever)...i still didn't watched that much drama so can't make example with drama characters(btw you made me too curious about tumbling that i gonna download&watch the first episode it comedy too?i love comedy/paraody alot)

there he was the mysterious guy too...i think i'm going to dl the other two gantz too(it seems there are three movies!)...and since i watched the Persian dub yesterday,i'm looking forward to his original voice...
unfortunately aibacchi's irie wasn't on episode 5...maybe we can see him in next episode(of they animate "the prince of pillow fighting" from Tankoubon) or we can see him about 4-5 episodes later...