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mood pondering about life, the universe and everything.
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Tumblr: ◯ I love autumn, winter and snow. And art and books. ◯ My favourite word is "afton".
Favorite genre: drama, life, comedy and romance (in no particular order).


I guess I'm one of the ahjummas of this site, being 26 and all...I really enjoy writing so I feel like I want to write
something clever on my profile, though it's much harder than I anticipated D: In recent years I mostly watch
korean stuff, however I would like to broaden my horizon and have therefor added some thai and chinese titels
to my list. I usually write short reviews in the comment section whenever I have completed a titel, which gives
me a chance for contemplation and a sense of closure that I find is often needed.


rooomanoooma 19 Feb, 2018
hi dear :)
Likewise. :D
it's nice to meet ppl who share the same interest in the Asian world ;)
glad to add you back chingu :))
feel free to contact me to share our thoughts on updated dramas & movies
T.C. sweetie
amyallen 10 Jan, 2018
Hello~~~ Sure, it's so nice to meet you here^^
mylagliter 22 Nov, 2016
Hi! Feel free to add me, and if you want to ask me something, there's no problem :)
I usually don't discuss much about my opinions here in the MDL because I usually like some things that people do not like or dislike what most things the people loving...
catchxfireflies 08 Oct, 2016
oh hi! no I don't mind at all I do the same thing haha I like seeing what people with similar taste are watching etc ^^
beeesseoul 06 Oct, 2016
Honestly, I should've added you sooner too. I noticed your comments in a lot of dramas I've watched and agreed with many of them, hahah. Especially the reply series ♡
aries 30 Mar, 2016
passar perfekt ju!
misaeng borde man kanske kolla på igen? XD
aries 30 Mar, 2016
Vad fin visningsbild yem!!
aries 08 Feb, 2014
men så pass dyra va dem inte! de är värda priset iaf 8)

de två vill jag ha, speciellt det andra paret 8)

jaaa jag såg det! kollade på appetizersen å de såg svingoa ut!