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eunhye 06 Apr, 2012
nabi1310 29 Feb, 2012
Μόλις είδα το silenced!!! Είναι υπέροχη ταινία!! Ήμουν σε όλη την ταινία με ένα χαρτομάντιλο στο χέρι! Έπαθα σοκ! Καημενούλικα Τ.Τ Πολύ συγκινητικό ..... Τ.Τ τουλάχιστον είχε λίγο αισιόδοξο τέλος... Πάω να κλάψω με την ησυχία μου.... Τ.Τ
kate64100 20 Feb, 2012
btw, do try watching "Quick". Yeah, with my little obsession, Minki. ❤ But the movie's amazing and so ridiculous and, screw the action, the humor and ridiculousness are the best. ❤
kate64100 20 Feb, 2012
This year doesn't have to be the best for me. I kind it won't be. I mean, the year won't have me in Korea, so it'd hardly be the best. I want my best year to wait a bit. While in Korea, it may get quite crazy~ <3 Hardly any Korean guys in Poland, so~ D: But, nope~ I don't want them here~ ^^
Ok, then~ No more apologizing~ Good, because I'm not good with those~ ^^
Infinite, hm? A very, very nice choice for getting insane about~ Adorable boys~ <333 And nope, no changes with me, still the most into B2ST, though watching various groups~ ^^ (And falling for Lee Joonnie again~ Or not again, as I've never really stopped, but, well~ Like, more~? <3 Such an incredible person in every way~ <333)
We had a lot of snow here. Like, you know, pretty much whole Europe got it bad at one moment, with cold and stuff. And it was the worst moment for me. Like, the time of MB in Paris. And it meant I had to go while it was freezing. And maybe in Poland the weather was a bit worse, but it still was freezing in Paris as well. Dammit. :/ (But I still pretty much died with my face being like ":O" and my only thought being "THEY'RE REAL~ <33333") ... And now it's getting warmer. And the snow is melting. And it's pretty much a lot of water everywhere. In some places, it's like really a lot. Like, now I can't really go to my grandmother's house using that most common way, 'cause it's pretty much a small lake there~
Awwww~ You're so cute~ <333 Getting excited by Japanese buildings and clothes and people and stuff~ Just as you should~ <33333 ... I'm too weird and so not interesting that the only thing that'd get me excited is food. It shouldn't be the only thing, but, eh~ it's kind of sad~ ^^''
Osaka seems pretty much like the best place in Japan, so~ <3 (And the people seem to be the most awesome. I mean, it's quite obvious while watching Japanese shows. Or even while just knowing some Johnny's Juniors, the Osaka ones~ <3)
So how did your exams go? I'm pretty sure you should be over with your exams, so, yay~ <3 Are your results as awesome as they should be? <3
French people seem to sleep at night, therefore I'm not really a big fan of them anymore~ I mean, finding something open at night is very unlikely in there~ D:
I meant, it would be better if Koreans would give with those 16 or 18 episodes, because almost always they overdo it. :/ It's why I loved "White Christmas" so much. 8 episodes were perfect. If they'd try for the usual 16, the drama would be as close to sucking as many. D: This is why the longer ones often make more sense. There's more time for putting many things, so it doesn't seem like episodes become about nothing nor it's too much out of nowhere~ <3
Yeah... I have a sister. She's 9 years younger and she likes SNSD. Which is the reason of me hating SNSD. For a year or two I've been hearing the girls' songs all the time. And I've been hearing little girls trying to sing those songs. And they really can't sing. :/ And many of those song I'd be able to sing as well, I've heard them enough times. :/
And how did your trying "MPD Psycho" go? Liked that? Didn't? Haven't really tried yet? ^^
... But... So if you're so into Infinite... How did you like YeolJong version of "Troublemaker"? I mean, girl, the kiss~ Yeollie's awesomeness~ <33333 He looked so pretty~ <3 Like, pretty that she did, obviously~ <3 (Why does he have such pretty legs? DDD: I'm jealous~)
Yay, Woohyunnie. I don't really see his muscles~ I love his cuteness instead. Or, how they call it~, the greasiness. Totally got my heart with the things he does~ <333 Which means, the stuff works~ <33333
Oh, Myungsoo, I know~ <33333~ He's amazing~ <3 I love him smiling~ <333 (And I so loved him in "Jiu"~ Still no idea how he got into the drama, but perfect~ <333 And the only reason to watch that, the plot and the main characters sucked a lot~ ^^)
Oh, I know about the new drama with Myungsoo, too. Have you tried watching it already? Because I know I need to. One of my biggest love is there, though he's supposed to be only in two episodes - Lee Minki. I love the guy a lot. He's amazing. I've been a bit insane about him for two years or so~ <3
... I know about that Infinite show, that family thing, and I still have plans to watch that, but... Really? Myungsoo cried? Omo~ DDD:
And I know it may seem like that, but nope, Sungjongie is not my bias. But he's very close second. My bias is Sungyeollie. I mean, Sungjongie is definitely the cutest, sexiest, evilest creature, but... Sungyeollie~ He's just~ I don't even have words for how awesome I find him~ <33333~

+hugs~+ <33333~
minsky 12 Feb, 2012
Hi dear! : D Thanks a lot! Happy 2012 and I hope all of the best for you! : D My new years eve this year were really cool, I had a dinner with my family and then I went celebrate the new year with my friends :p hope you had a wonderfull night too : D

this year haven't snowed here too T_T I love watch the snow falling it's such a beautifull thing. This winter has been really akward :s it's really cold but there is no rain, it's not that I love rain but it's cool hear and watching it when I'm at home. I miss it :x

My holidays were cool, althought I had to study, I had time to relax and have fun with my friends :p

I have finished arakawa under the bridge it's a weird drama but I liked it, it have something special, however it's a little bit boring sometimes. I'm completing the dramas that I were watching :p and I watched the live action of paradise kiss I don't know if you already saw the anime but it was cute, I liked the main cast :p and the movie in general was good. Osamu Mukai was gorgeous in the movie *o*
and what about you?
aishyndra 07 Feb, 2012
xaxaaaa.....den prepei na sunagonistoume sto poia grafei ths pio ka8hsterimenes apanthseis giati tote sigoura 8a nikhsw egw XD
.....eixa kollhsei me to Supernatural pou sou lega, alla polu arga, 3anapiasa Asia XD.....twra den t afinw me tipota lol
H e3etastikh kala.....sxedon XD...esu? Ti kaneis? Kala?
8elw molis teleiwsw me diabasmata na afosiw8w kai palu se new Asian seires klp ^^
Esu ti blepeis auton to kairo? XD
himurahotaru 05 Feb, 2012
e nai genika vlepw kai apo alles xores tainies ^^ twra arxhsa to dream high kai mexri stigmhns einai polu kalo!
ellieglam 03 Feb, 2012
egw 8elw na dw to frozen flower alla dn 8elw na to dw apo to internet epeidh h @lulukpop to exei katevasei se 1080p analush kai 8elw na mou to steilei..alla epeidh to laptop exei gemisei kai dn exw xoro oute gia fotografies perimenw na parw prwta sklhro e3wteriko disko , na perasw fotografies,videakia kai tainies kai meta na thn dw! pfffff