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secret garden TV
choegoui sarang TV
crows zero film
ajeossi film
running man variety
salaryman chohanji TV
claymore animation
hagane no renkinjutsushi: fullmetal alchemist animation
hajime no ippo: the fighting! animation
hunterĂ—hunter animation
midori no hibi animation
one outs animation
Kim Tae Hui person
Jang Hyeok person
Oguri Shun person
Tae Yeon person
Lee Min Jeong person
Jeong Ryeo Won person
Yagami Light character
Kurosaki Ichigo character
Edward Elric character
Noda Megumi character
Sakuragi Hanamichi character
Uzumaki Naruto character


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I love watching asian movies, dramas animes and variety shows(especially running man). I watch all kinds of stuff, from romantic comedy dramas to the most scary gore crazy sick twisted films.

I'm super nice,straight forward,moody,brutally honest and a very open-minded person.

"It feels so close to me, yet I can't reach it even if I hold out my hands. But even if I can't reach it, there are things that will stay in my heart. Being in the same time and looking at the same sky – if I can remember that, then even if we are far apart, I believe we can still be together"

Reminder: If you want me to be your friend just send me a message if you added me, so i can know and add you too.


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nsara24 08 Dec, 2013
of course i gonna watch tht drama but not for yoona :P ya try n watch it wen its airing its different feeling but u hav to b patient. it kills me to wait every week for eps. i m downloading walking dead , i hav MBA exams in dis month so i ll prolly watch it in christmas break. r u ok with it?
nsara24 15 Dec, 2012
oh kkkkkkkkkkkkkk, recommend me some good movies thnnnnnnn :)
dkking 29 Oct, 2012
how is Arang so far?
nsara24 20 Oct, 2012
just finished watching movie suckseed , i remember u telling me tht lead guy looks like u wen u were 18. i m sure its khoong coz he got d same red lipsssssssssssssss lol he is cute. well u must b really popular wen u were 18 lol u r not showing ur pic to me but i m glad tht atleast i kno how u look at ur 18 age thnx to dis movie :P gonna watch teenage billionaire movie of same guy. rating is also good ;)
nsara24 19 Oct, 2012
actually u r 5 days lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee SIGH
nsara24 16 Sep, 2012
i like tht guy terrrrrrrrrrrrrr, his movie atm error is superb thn i watched movie hello strnger n i totally loved it , now i m his fannnnnnnnn. yay i heard frm b1 tht he came to manila for promotion of his movie. wahhhhhhhhh he is cool n famous ha :)
nsara24 19 Aug, 2012
i google it n see dis whts IRL eggs thn?
nsara24 14 Aug, 2012