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Hello everybody : D
My name is Joana and I'm portuguese ^^
I'm a little bit annoying sometimes, but I'm a nice girl :p
I love anime, yaoi and make new friends from everywhere, so let's be friends : D


musicimmortalmelody 01 Feb, 2012
Hello dear!!:) How are u? Happy 2012!!<3 Hope the new year has been great for u so far!!;):)
Yeah u should give it a try when u find time!!Which dramas are u currently watching??
I love christmas too!!and i had a great time during the holidays!!even though it did not snow in my country *too bad T^T* it was amazing!^^ how was ur holidays?*w*
haha thank u :3 ^^
Yes he has long hair in the movie!!like the hair he had in mary stayed out all night!!my favourite hair ever<3
yes they are!!cnblue are amazing!!<3 have u been into any other kpop group lately??ive become a huge infinite during christmas!!^.^
kisses ♥
musicimmortalmelody 20 Dec, 2011
Hey!!:D No ofcourse i havent forget about you dear im actually really happy to hear from you!!so how have you been?:) Oh i understand, i have no time for anything myself,so i get what ur going through!!even though i have started a new drama kekeke xD (Warrior Baek Dong Soo to be exact and its a great drama you should check it out ;))
ur already on holidays?!!lucky you!!my holidays start in one week :( and i cant wait for christmas!!
Well my sis nane is also Joana >.< Mine is Helen!!:)
Kyaaa Jang Geun Suk!!Why cant i never stop fangilring over this guy?!!:3 Im actually waiting for his new movie(kimi wa petto) i wanna watch it so badly!!
Oh i loveeee this song!!<33 But my fav cnblue song is this one!!:D ^.^
dekki 25 Oct, 2011
Hey minsky!

It seems to be an eternity that I wrote! I'm so sorry for that..but university started again and I'm packed with workshops and tutorials...I hope you're doing fine?! How is the every day uni life?? ^^ It's so great that you met a bunch of nice people and that you're having fun! Really you have cute classmates^^ !! That makes it a lot more intersting^^ Do you have a crush??

Thanks a lot for the recommandation of Fernando Pessoa!! I went to the library and borrowed one of his volume of poetry! I like it a lot.
My favorite german poet is Rilke, when I read his poems I have also this feeling of melancholy and sorrow...which is beautiful and disturbing at the same time^^

I have a really good japanese friend. Her name is Chihiro and she is from Saitama Tokyo...Because she is studying german literatur we had the opportunity to meet. She spend an semester as an exchange student at my university. Now shes back in Japan but we still write each other and send packages with little gimmicks from each of our cultures... They are like treasures to me^^....hope to see her soon again but till than the letters have to sustain it.
musicimmortalmelody 13 Oct, 2011
Hey there!!:)
Oh thats okay dear no need to say that again or apologize about that i understand u completely i have been busy too my classes are also piling up and i have so little time for other things these days :( (including dramas T^T)
Yeah everything is fine u know normal wise xD ^^ And u?how is everything going?:) ^^
Im so so glad i made u their new fan its awesome that u like them Joana!!:3
Oh then maybe they havent been to ur country yet...omfg miyavi?!!kyaaaa!!!too bad u missed him!!:'(
"its good dreaming awake" wow i really liked how u phared that!!and its so damn true after all!!:'')
nyaaa no girl can resist jang geun suk in the end!!!x3 all the people i know that have watched you're beautiful end up falling for him!!knew u would too!!:3 >.< he just made a new film actually called kimi wa petto i think there is a japanese drama named like that too!!im so watching!!!!!;)
oo how i love jeremy too!!<3 he actually was my fav character from the drama!!and since u are on the 9th episode u probably have seen or will see soon the scene where jeremy cries in the bus for go mi nam!!it made me tear up!!:''( well lee hongki is a great singer!!i just love his sweet voice too!!if u havent listened to his band u definitely should!!they are called ft island (i think ive mentioned them to you before ;) ) here is my fav song of them <3 ^^
yeah ive heard that and i guess the first one is almost always better (guest cause ppl have been used to the first version and love it more as being the original) but i definitely will try ikemen desu ne soon!!^.^ :D
saranghe 09 Oct, 2011
what don't do anything special?
your the one who find it for me, so I'm thankful..
i will tell my opinion later...^^
saranghe 07 Oct, 2011
Minsky ~ thank yah very much much
i will watch it on Saturday after my class
your really a angel...^^
saranghe 02 Oct, 2011
i do like it but for now its look like i cant watch it but maybe some other time
saranghe 01 Oct, 2011
can i ask question....

i see that you watched the PURE japanese movie

can i ask where did you watch it...thanks in advance...