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ilate 18 Nov, 2018
Following, because I feel like I have a very similar taste when it comes to K-dramas! ^_^
slayerizedcarol 29 Jan, 2012
your review on "Man of Honor" was so spot on. I just finished it and omg I'm raging lol I was just so disappointed with that ending. Like seriously?! idk why they did this to us XD but anyways the start was so good i really loved the story but i just wish it couldn't have finished in a different way. Just stopped by to say this haha cheers!
yokochan 28 Apr, 2011
Hey Hey =D

i see you are watching princess ja myeong !? - how
is it ? i pLan to watch it, but sooo many episodes !? ;D

and you finished the thaiLand vampire serie: rak mai mi
wantai !? Love never dies !? =) is it good,too ?

nice greets to you <3 have a great day ! x)
lpgranger 30 May, 2010
:3 I'm working on getting those ripped well (autogk likes to rip the bottom of the subs off =.=), and I think we're supposed to sub the change mv. :D

... You finished Tamra?! How?!
lpgranger 16 Apr, 2010
XDDDDD Wow, slooooow on getting on here.
But yes! ISWAK! And? Did I tell you I got the Joe CD + DVD w/the mvs?!
mikandaisuki 31 Mar, 2010
へロー (^_^)
zingera 04 Feb, 2010