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ivcheto666 09 Apr, 2013
here I go with another 2-month late reply ><

Did the second semester start for you? ^^ It started this Monday in Japan too ><
I don't even know how spring break flew by so fast ><
Ah, I know how it's somehow nice to know you're not the only one wondering what to do with your future though.. :D I though coming to Japan would solve my problem somehow, and I'd find what i want to do, you know just as in a happy-end-drama :D
Oh, well I still have around 5 months to go..hope destiny comes by then XD

Oh that's great ^^ Even though it was a short time it was really nice, eh? I'm sure you'll have the chance to go again for a longer time! ^^
And your Russian, you should speak like native by now! ^^
I was actually thinking of signing up for Russian this semester, but they only do a year course, so they didn't let me sign up for it only for a semester.. ><
I got Korean though! :D I'll see how it goes, studying Korean in Japanese..think it'll be fun, and even if I don't get to learn Korean that well, it'll definitely improve my Japanese! ^^

Yeah, I guess I can say I've adjusted to well already ^^ But definitely still miss my friends and family really hard and wouldn't mind going back once my exchange is over.
Korea..hmm..mixed feelings..:D Food, shopping - great! People - most of them don't know any English, sometimes even Japanese worked better..and some of them really rude..I guess it's just normal, but in comparison to Japan, at that time it was a little bit of a shock..and we got lost a lot, the maps on the street didn't really help that much as they do perfectly in Japan..and it kind of gets really scary after 22-23 pm in the streets :D But yeah, as a conclusion I'd say it's not really a good idea to go to a country you don't know the language at all..I'm sure it'd been more fun if we could get our way easily and order food normally and stuff :D
I have the residence card, but I never really thought of looking into to become a member and stuff..oh well, I just enjoy their music as it is, not that great a fan anyway :)
yeah, classes...they have all kinds of ..Basically it's Japanese classes, connected with the language - grammar, kanji, honorifics, reading poetry or fairy tales, modern literature and stuff. There are some cultural ones, but not many..and history is a really high level..actually all the good stuff are high level so I can't really take lots of them, if I want to have a life :D
We can also sign up for Open subjects, that are basically for Japanese students, so thought in Japanese and they don't really mind you're a foreigner, so again a little bit more effort is needed..I took Korean, as I told you and I took Aikido basics :D Hope all the terminology is not that hard ><

So that's pretty much it~ I still ahve a little bit of time for drama now, but probably after a week or two it would be only occasionally ><
How are you? How are studies going? Busy before graduation? Do you have to write a thesis or you just have final exams? anyway, Ganbatte! ^^
littlesakura 13 Mar, 2013
Yeah I think it's different in France & Germany, here it's as if you should know or have an idea of what you want to do when you're in your last year of high school. Teachers make you think about your future that soon. And about uni, here you have a better chance to find a job if you come from an engineering school (for example) than from 5+ years of university.
I understand, it must be difficult to choose what to do when you don't really know, I hope something will come to your mind. =)

Yeah, the good thing about work life is = no more stupid homeworks xD

Hmmm the dramas that made me get back into dramaland are masterpieces such as The King of Dramas (with the guy from Beethoven Virus), The Princess Man (Park Shi Hoo & Moon Chae Won) and Gaksital/Bridal Mask (Joo Won, the hot bad guy from King of Baking <3).
And right now I'm totally fond of Song Hye Kyo's new drama : That winter, the wind blows (with hottie Kim Bum hehe).
littlesakura 03 Mar, 2013
Hehe I hope that Flower Boy Next Door will bring you back for good in Dramaland. :3
What are you thoughts about it ? Are you still in love with Yoon Shi Yoon ? (I don't really like his hair colour, but he's cute). xD
What about Kpopland ?!?

Ooh that's cool you're almost done with uni !!! hehe that's funny 'cause when I was in my last semester all I wanted was to start working as soon as possible. xD You know earning money and buy anything I want....^^"
Or when your uni's life will be over you can go on a trip vacation ! xD

My life's working is still the same, there's no stress, my boss is cool, I sill love to work only 4 days per week. lol. Sometimes I go out with my friends and we love going to korean restaurants, playing games and all. <3
Nothing special hehe.
Since 3-4 months I started to be active again in Dramaland thanks to some "masterpiece" that I've watched. ^^
littlesakura 02 Mar, 2013
omg Hiiiiiii it's been a while !!!
I ramdomly clicked on the "friends listed details" in Flower Boy Next Door profile et saw that you were watching it too ! Seems you're back to dramaland ?

Anyway how are you ? Are you done with uni ? Hope you've been well since the last time we talked with each other <3 I missed you ... T_T
ivcheto666 28 Feb, 2013
Waaaa, I'm so sorryy! I saw your message a while ago and was so happy to hear from you, but at that time I had exams and stuff and meant to reply you later but look at the time now, it's almost been 2 months! ><

Wow, that was fast! You're already graduating! ^^ Is that your last semester now?
How was Russia?? You must be a Russian pro now.. :D And a masters degree, in Russian studies again? ^^ So nice~
Yeah, it really is strange you know..when before it was my dream to come to Japan, now that it's come true I'm not really sure how I'm feeling.. :D In the beginning I missed home so much and then all the kanji got me really confused, but I got used to it little by little and now I'm really enjoying my stay here ^^ It's a bit confusing though when thinking what I'm going to do with my future after this stay here.. but I'll just let things happen one by one.. :D
It's really nice here, nothing compared to Europe, a really nice country to live in, though the people and their way of thinking is really different from my country's >< I don't know if I can say I want to live here whole my life (as I was thinking 2-3 years ago :D)
We are in a spring holiday here and I have some travel planned, I went to Seoul last week, it was nice, though we didn't see any celebrities walking on the streets.. :D
I was thinking that I should go to Arashi concert since I'm here, but it seems you have to be a member of a fan club to get your hands on some tickets >< And they seem pretty expensive too.. I know it'd be a waste not to go though.. ><
Otherwise it's really nice here to improve your language skills, to meet people from all over the world and see Japan ^^ I'm here for 1 year, so half of my time has already passed..soooo fast! >< I'm going home in late July >,< And when I came here at first I was thinking how 1 year is such a long time.. :D
thefreak 26 Feb, 2013
Really?! °o.o That's the one playing in Flower Boy Next Door, isn't it?....Wow....he looks so different! XD
ivcheto666 30 Sep, 2012
Heyy :) Is everything ok with you? Haven't heard from you in ages >< Last time you were having a hard time with uni right? And how did summer holiday go?
Actually, I am in Japan now.. :D It's really strange, I haven't really realized it still..I came here about 3 weeks ago, and I'll be here for an year to study.. so yeah, I am pretty much getting used to stuff here now and now i should be going to bed, because I have classes tomorrow ><
Hope everything's fine with you and to hear from you soon! :)
palepaleta 06 Jul, 2012
Hello, nice to meet you ~

here, just finding new people xd