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I'm done with my 30s, married, and the owner of a cranky kitty.
For work, I'm a linguist and language teacher.
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llyty 23 May, 2016
Oi... Muito Prazer!
Gostei sim.
Ainda não tive a oportunidade de assistir o filme mas com certeza irei vê-lo assim que possível.
Tbm estou te adicionando. ^^
alebittersweet 26 Apr, 2016
Ah...sí, recuerdo que me gustó mucho. Era bastante divertida hasta que llegó la parte "dramática" totalmente innecesaria.

Le puse 2★ Hubiera visto un cut de los primeros capítulos de la pareja principal porque no me interesaba nada aparte de ellos.
alebittersweet 12 Mar, 2016
También deberías agregar a esa lista Reply 1988, lo acabo de terminar y GOD! es la cosa más hermosa que he visto en mucho, mucho tiempo :¨) Y vi que también agregaste Healer, ese también es un MUST WATCH! <3

Btw...qué tal está Bromance? Tengo ganas de verlo porque hace bastante tiempo que no veo ningún twdrama, so...
cncll 06 Mar, 2016
Hmmm. There is quite a controversy about that drama. Ppl that read the webtoon got really pissed off in the middle since the producers stopped consulting the writer and changed the story. As I didn't read the webtoon (tempted to do it now though) I really enjoyed it. Solid 4* but still something missing to make it 5*.
cncll 04 Mar, 2016
I've been sticking to korean ones only for a while now. I'm very close to graduating and have lots of uni work to do so I am only watching airing dramas. I just finished Cheese in the Trap, watching Descendants of the Sun, One More Happy Ending and Madame Antoine.

I was actually thinking of watching Fabulous Boys! I used to love taiwanese dramas (back in 2010 I think lol) and watched Jiro in quite a few. But I kinda had this feeling it might be shit :p
cncll 01 Mar, 2016
Yea, I'm very happy I watched it while it was still airing. 1h a week wasted didn't seem too bad :3 but it put me off Taiwanese dramas for a while now...
cncll 25 Feb, 2016
Ok. So at least he knew that she's a girl. He is not a complete idiot, I see. But come on. His whole family knew about her being a girl few days before her birthday. So why was she not in danger? Not even trying to mention Zhe Rui who knew for years and yet it didn't affect her life. I am quite upset that they completely ignored that fact. I feel like they could cut out the gender bender aspect of it completely and nothing would have changed in the plot.
Overall, first episodes were entertaining (although I was cringing at all the ridiculous fight scenes lol) and then it became very boring. What a surprise I had when I watched 18th ep and only then realised that the cut episode number. Was so happy I don't need to watch another 2 episodes :D
What about you?
alebittersweet 01 Feb, 2016
100%? Reto difícil, pues como dicen: Para gustos, los colores. Ni siquiera yo misma sé si recomendaría algo al 100%, pero viendo los que tienes en planned, los que más te recomiendo y que tienes que ver YA, son:

Dramas: Queen In Hyun's Man, I Hear your Voice, Marriage not Dating.
Anime: Kuragehime