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monjaelisa 09 Feb, 2014
Sure, I'll keep reading it.. np....
do you usually write about something asian..? like drama\anime reviews or such..?
I noticed a few football stuff there.. not really my style.. yet.. I'll read it for you... xD
earthlord 18 Oct, 2013
When you gave up on the last few episodes of Dong Soo, you've totally lost the right of the name so quiet :P
I've just finished love exposure. that sick, perverted, brilliant movie. Probably no other movie left me with such impressions. that acting, that story. that japanese minds... i don't recommend it if you're not prepared to see everything.
earthlord 17 Oct, 2013
a bit :D just to update the list. but i'm pretty sure i forgot to add everything, since i wasn't around for a long time :)
monjaelisa 16 Oct, 2013
Heeey!! its been awhile since we last talked now... <3
I've been fine, thank you for asking..., real life has been keeping me a bit busy.. but I've still been able to watch my needed amount of anime xDHow about you.. How are you..? how has life been treating you..? :3
Are you watching anything anime\drama atm? :3
earthlord 05 Feb, 2013
I was hooked after the first episode actually. But it was amazing until the end. The end could have been better though, but i couldn't ignore the feeling that this drama gave me so it's 10. And i really love the way this drama is done. the concept is amazing and it's unpredictable and Narumi is pure psychoanalysis.
earthlord 14 Jan, 2013
I hate myself as well. you know, i have millions kanji to learn, but dramas are spamming me as well :P
i can't wait for this hell to end :D then we can spam in peace :P
earthlord 14 Jan, 2013
Nice, but no time for that now. I've got a million things in mind right now, including my exams, airing dramas and Tamayama's and Juri's dramas :D
well, you seem alive to me, very much alive i'd say :P or maybe you have a programmed robot to write instead of you :P
about spamming... i have to agree with that one, look at my wall, It's absolutely mutual spamming so there we go :P but i don't mind, write wherever you want ;)
earthlord 14 Jan, 2013
Alive? :D here goes the problem, i don't know where to write you anymore :P