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lynfor 07 Aug, 2015
I'm kicking myself for not watching it sooner^^
lynfor 06 Jul, 2015
Mozu was nail-bitingly good! First episode is "mehh!" due to establishing the story, introducing the characters and their stories, plus you've got your typical moody lead detective but by the third episode I was so into it. I was more or less rooting for the killer. That sounds so bad, right! I'm halfway through downloading Anata no tonari ni dareka iru, can't wait to see it!
lynfor 02 Jul, 2015
Uwaa~ thank you so much! I love recommendations and I will certainly be watching it! The last really good drama I watched was Mozu.
lynfor 03 Jun, 2015
casually stalking your profile♡
kavajuchan 26 Nov, 2014
I diiiid, it was so so good, thank you for the recommendation<3
xdsmile 08 Jul, 2014
I saw your comment on drama platonic page, can you tell me were can I download it? Thanks =)
kavajuchan 18 Jun, 2014
Hey honey!
So I did my best at collecting some dramatitles for you. It's hard, I've had the same problem, nothing really glued me on screen, but here is some that I enjoyed watching! Mostly Korean dramas, I've been slacking with Japanese ones having a hard time to find anything good!

City Hunter - This I watched when my brother were here. He have a hard time liking dramas but this one both he and me liked. Well, part from the ending, but the rest really makes up for it. Story is at times deep, at times really just "look, we have a good looking guy beating up ugly guys"

Masters Sun - This drama was pretty sweet, and for some odd reason I had it as my "one episode before I fall asleep" drama that I watch on my phone. It even had me drop some tears of pure feelings at one point. The best is the "Get lost" line. I'd watch the whole thing again just for that. But 99% of the time its just the usual push and pull romance story + ghosts.

Gu family book - Okay, this one I liked A LOT. Even my brother did, he would be mad at having to wait another week for the next 2 episodes. I liked this one better than My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, so watch this <3

Switch Girl - I looooooooove the manga, and when I saw there was a drama, I droped dead from my chair, watched it and died of how true it was to the manga. Then season 2 came and I died again. This is pure derp on a bottle. I frigging love this derp.

And even if this isn't a drama, I just have to tell you, watch Running Man if you ever need a random episode of funny fun funs. This Korean variety show has got me hooked every week when the new episode is out. Even my friends love it so much they come over every Tuesday to watch it, and thats a pretty good sign as to how good it is as these friends doesn't care at all bout Japan or Korea. Ever get bored, just pop on a random episode and have fun <3
kavajuchan 26 May, 2014
What kind of genre?
I really liked that I watched recently~