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1st DRAMA: 'Kimi wa pet' (watched and completed in November 2009)
50th DRAMA: ?
100th DRAMA: 'Formula 17' (watched and completed in October 2010)
125th DRAMA: 'Mary Stayed Out All Night' (completed in January 2011)
150th DRAMA: 'My Princess' (completed in March 2011)
175th DRAMA: '49 Days' (watched and completed in June 2011)
200th DRAMA: 'Paradise Kiss' (watched and completed in October 2011)
225th DRAMA: 'Blind' (watched and completed in June 2012)
250th DRAMA: 'Vampire Prosecuter 2' (completed in November 2012)
275th DRAMA: 'God's Quiz 2' (completed in June 2013)
300th DRAMA: 'A Thousand Days' Promise' (watched and completed in August 2013)
325th DRAMA: 'Marriage, not Dating' (completed in October 2014)
350th DRAMA: 'Oh My Ghost' (completed in August 2015)


1st Japanese DRAMA: 'Kimi wa pet'
1st Korean DRAMA: 'The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince'
1st Taiwanese DRAMA: 'Next Stop Happiness/Autumn's Concerto'
1st Filipino DRAMA: 'On The Wings of Love' (not completed)


Status: 362 Drama + 21 Variety Shows + 25 Concerts and 79 Anime completed!
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DBSK/TVXQ!/Tohoshinki • JYJ • Big Bang • BEAST/B2ST • TaeYang • Super Junior • Infinite • 2AM • B.A.P • AZIATIX • Shinhwa • G-Dragon • Block B • K. Will • 2ne1 • XIA • MC Sniper • Drama OST • Bang Yong Guk • Epik High • Leessang • BTS • Kim Jaejoong • MFBTY • EXO • VIXX • AkMu • NELL


06.11.2011 - JYJ World Tour Concert 2011 in Berlin, Germany
30.11.2012 - XIA 1st World Tour Concert in Oberhausen, Germany
03.05.2014 - B.A.P Live on Earth 2014 - Europe Attack in Düsseldorf, Germany


Material Queen
Protect the Boss
City Hunter
Spin Kick
Hana Kimi 2011
K-Pop - The Ultimate Audition
The Last Princess
Kisarazu Cat's Eye - Japan Series
Kisarazu Cat's Eye - World Series
Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop
Mary Stayed Out All Night
Mei Le, Go
Miss Ripley
Musa Baek Dong Su
Mr. Idol
I am happy
Secret Garden - Special
Year of the Rain
Yokai Ningen Bemu
Rooftop Prince
Love Rain
Holyland (Korean)
Time Slip Dr. Jin
Ma Boy
Reply 1997
God's Quiz 2
Full House Take 2
Jackal is Coming
Rent a Cat
Bangkok Kung Fu
Ronin Pop
Beautiful Sunday
Gu Family Book
I Hear Your Voice
God's Quiz 3
Confession of Murder
My Little Hero
Secretly And Greatly
No Breathing
The Face Reader
God's Quiz 4
Joseon Gunman
The Nightwatchman's Journal
Discovery of Romance
Kundo: Age of The Rampant
Bad Guys
Kill Me, Heal Me
Someone Like You
EXO Next Door
Falling for Innocence
Orange Marmalade
Persevere, Gu Hae Ra
I Remember You
D Day
Sassy Go, Go

Come on Over
Strong Heart
Strong Heart 2
SHINee Hello Baby
U-Kiss Vampire
SHINHWA Broadcast
3hree Voices
3hree Voices II
Moonlight Prince
Our Neighborhood Arts And Physical Education
Barefoot Friends
3hree Voices III
Three Meals a Day

Thanksgiving Live in Tokyo Dome (JYJ)
Mirotic (DBSK)
I AM (SMTown)
Secret Code (DBSK)
Tone Tour 2012 (DBSK)
Big Bang ALIVE Tour 2012 (Big Bang)
The Return (Shinhwa)

*(....) = not merged yet


Cha Do Hyun, played by Ji Seong (Kill Me, Heal Me)


Gu Wol Ryung, played by Choe Jin Hyuk (Gu Family Book)



Go Nam Sun and Park Heung Su (School 2013)


Kim Bung Do and Choe Hui Jin (Queen In Hyeon's Man)


Do Min Jun and Cheon Song Yi (My Love From The Stars)


Park Su Ha and Jang Hye Seong (I Hear Your Voice)


Seo Jeong Ho and Chae Yeong Sin (Healer)


I just realized that my favourite drama couple do fall under one of the following three categories (most of the time):
1. BROMANCE! (always rules the show!)
2. Time-Travel-Futuristic-Fantasy-Love
3. Puppy- or Noona-Love


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yokochan 16 Jan, 2016
Also irgendwie kommen demnächst soo viele nach Deutschland also Dok2 und BTS? oder b1a4? irgendwer xD
abeeer nieee girlbands =´(
bzw. boybands, die ich mag *-* abgesehen von JYJ ;D
naja ich gebe die hoffnung nicht auf ^.^
bzw. ich möchte endlich nach korea fliegen =p
malice 25 Dec, 2015
I wish you a Merry Christmas!
it's been so long, i hope everything's fine~
milisia 24 Dec, 2015
yokochan 05 Nov, 2015
Du warst ja auch beim JYJ Konzert und von XIA *_*
da war ich nämlich auch =D
lass mal drama grüße da
xylaire 09 Oct, 2015
Haha well, I might give it a try after all.
I kinda made that silly vow that I would watch as much 2015 kdramas as I can so if it's watchable and even a bit fun, why not ! xD

I've only saw HJE and PSJ in Kill Me Heal Me. I found her annoying but she won me over in the end. As for PSJ I didn't like his character. I must be in the minority who didn't think they had chemistry together and really found their relationship creepy :x

I heard so many things about Siwon that I might tune in just to see him in the end.
Thanks for the insights anyway ! ^^

If I can return the favor, I'd recommend you to try out Sassy Go Go. I like it a whole lot already !
xylaire 09 Oct, 2015
Haha no problem !
It's not like it's an urgent matter ^^
Rest well :)
xylaire 08 Oct, 2015
'Sup thefreak ! ^^
I guess it's starting to be a habit for me and I hope I'm not bothering you but I'm here again for the Drama Advice of the Month :p
I wanted to know your take on She Was Pretty since I was utterly not interested to watch it in the first place but I heard good reviews so far so I'm hesitating now.
It's just, the topic seems so weird and I don't like/care about the leads... Pass or watch, that is the question ! :p
megirosa 20 Sep, 2015
Hi, I just saw your comment on Flower Boy Next Door page (yeah I know it rather old but I'm not really up to date when it comes to dramas...) . There you wrote: Flower Boy Next Door is another drama which doesn't rely on overdramatic moments or overly heartbreaking misunderstandings, but on interesting characters and a good balance of comedy and the troublesome times in life. could you name some of other dramas which are like that? It's what I'm currently looking for. And sorry for asking so randomly :D