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risingsun 13 Jul, 2013
Hey! I'm doing a master thesis about Korean culture in Europe, so I wanted to ask you if you could help out with my research and maybe share that with your European friends. I need to get as many European kpop fans as possible for the research to be good. I prepared a survey - so people just need to contact me by writing me an email to and I'll send them the survey. I hope you'd be able to help me - it's extremely important to me and would mean a lot! Thanks a lot and I hope I'll soon hear from you!!
kirichan 16 Jun, 2013
Ha érdekel egy magyar rajongói csoport akkor itt van egy számodra :)
sunnijae 28 Jul, 2012
Actually yes i've seen HoMin (TVXQ) 3 times, Once in the KMF in Sydney & twice in Japan for their Tone Tour in Tokyo Dome. But I have yet to see JYJ which is my next goal hahaha XD

SMtown Paris would have been awesome ^^.

By any chance do you have a twitter account?
sunnijae 25 Jul, 2012
Oh you became a fan in 2009? Me too actually! hahahaha, It was a bit late to join the fandom but I don't regret it one bit since they're the best thing that's ever happened to me ^^. My bias has always been Jaejoong, but I honestly love all the members. I have a soft spot for Yunho ^^ he's just so great. Don't worry about the age thing, I'll be friends with anyone hahaha.

My favorite song is Love in the Ice, but I also really love KYHD & the MV for it is so awesome. I really hope they have a Korean comeback soon though. So have you ever seen any of them in concert or anything? ^^
sunnijae 23 Jul, 2012
I think I saw your comment somewhere and noticed your DBSK dp so I automatically thought to message u hahaha ^__^ i don't usually talk to people one here but hey why not :). My name is Emily I'm 22 year old Australian Cassiopeia. My bias is Jaejoong (If you couldn't already tell). but I also like all other members. its nice to meet another cassie no matter where it is hahaha
sunnijae 22 Jul, 2012
Hiii, I'm Cassiopeia too ^^.
hiroshi 25 Feb, 2012
Hi, Kicc!))) Actually your letter was written 17 hours ago only from the moment I'm reading it, that's why technically your answer was not late at all XD. So you don't have to say "I'm sorry" , it's OK. And looking at the way both of us don't have enough time to answer back often... Let's agree to the following : it's OK to write a letter once in a week or so. So you can write to me once a weak without feeling guilty for a late answer. Agreed?
How are you? How are the things at school?
Are you watching some nice Japanese drama now?
This week I watch a lot of baseball anime. I love sports drama and anime but baseball ones are my favorite. Do you like baseball? People (almost) don't play baseball in Russia so whenever I saw a game on TV or in a film I couldn't understand what was going on during a game. It seemed chaotic and boring. But about a half of a year ago or so I learned the rules by watching baseball anime and now it seems to me to be the most interesting one of sports.

You said : "Uhh, I'm afraid all the things I write would be unfamiliar for you". Maybe, there is still something which is not unfamiliar to me. Anyway, I'm interested in the themes you're writing fanfics about. So still I would like you to write the names of people your fanfics are about no matter if they are some singers or drama characters , whoever...)))
It surprised me that you still like people/things you liked at age of 12. Do you like them now in the same way as you liked them before or did you like them stronger before? I think the 2-nd guess is closer to the truth ))) But I think it's very good that your preferences didn't change greatly. Because the earlier a person finds the right way of life for him - the better. And the way of life includes any preferences, of course. So you don't have to feel something like "oh, how could I like that?! What a fool I was several years ago..." XD.
By the way, how did you started to watch anime and how old were you at that time?
That's it for today. I hope you're fine. Bye!))
hiroshi 18 Feb, 2012
Hi, Kicc!))) How are you? Have you recovered completely?
You wrote about a friend of yours who seemed to be distant from you lately... That's very sad. Unfortunately, this happens often.... I don't know why but people use to break up with their school friends (or childhood friends) while they are getting older. Well, girls do that. Probably, they want to change everything in their life... My childhood and school friends, too... We are not friends anymore. I guess that male friendship is stronger at this point.
About your parents telling you "you will grow up soon and forget these things, anyway". I think they are 50% right. The 50% wrong side is - they should respect what you like, anyway. And no matter what it is or If you grow out of this or not, the fact is - the things/people/movies you like now - have a great influence on you now. And partly your personality is building under that influence.
The 50% right side is - you'll grow out of some of the things/people you like now, that's for sure, too. I mean - try to remember what /whom you liked when you were 12 years old. I think now those people/things are not so important for you anymore as they used to be. Right? Let's say now you think that Matsumoto Jun is one of the best actors you've ever seen. And several years later you'll probably think that some other actor is much better. Or personal example, - when I was about 21 years, I loved shounen-ai anime. Then shounen-ai movies. That was my favorite genre. But now I'm rather cold towards this genre because now It seems to me that many (not all of them) shounen-ai boys are losers. Not because they like other boys. But because they are usually so weak and usually think that the whole world is so cruel and they are so unhappy...instead of fighting for the happiness. Or in real life shounen-ai boys sometimes are so proud of their sexual orientation that they can't even talk about anything but this. And always with "nobody can't understand my feelings " face and behavior. I used to think that those stories are so romantic... But now I want to say to them something like " Ok, you like boys, so what? Do you have some other things in your life and personality besides that? Or are you going to complain about your unhappiness during the whole life of yours? Or are you going to be so proud of you just because you could say "I like a boy!" though it took you 2 years or even more to become brave enough to say that? That's good that you've manage to do that. But the truth is that a person of any orientation can have problems in love. So there is nothing to be proud of. It's ordinary. " Sort of that.... That's why now I think that normal love stories are not weaker than shounen-ai ones. And I'm tired of those weak complaining guys , blaming their orientation for everything. So now I look at them in the same way as I look at all the other people. Without admiration. Although, some years ago I wanted to defend them so much and I adored them... Now I think that it doesn't matter if a boy likes a boy or a girl. The important thing is the personality. So this is the way I've grown out of adoring shounen-ai. But I like slash very much XD.
So, you're writing fanfiction. Interesting))) And who are the pairs you're writing about? If they are some Japanese guys, and I know them, I would be happy to read some of your fanfics. If you don't mind.
That's it for today. Good luck!)) Bye-bye!))