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limenora 25 Jun, 2014
Rooftop Prince was heartbreaking. :') I still can't let go that drama...
somiboo 03 Feb, 2013
Hey, wow...its been a while but let me see if I can help.

Well first you have to understand that the reason why Yu Eun Su did not see the wounded Choe Yeong when she went back through the portal with her medical stuff (you remember that when he got hurt she went through the portal and back to her time where she got medical supplies to tend to him)...well the reason she didn't see him was because time had sort of regressed - when she went back all the events that had happened in the series hadn't occurred yet. So what she did was travel the country leaving notes to help what would be her future self, in the process of that she also made sure to keep track of when the portal would open so that she could go through it, wait a few seconds in the modern world so that time would progress in the past, then she would go back through the portal in hope of getting to the time where she would see Choe Young again.

I know its confusing but think of the portal as the door to the past that keeps revolving, or better yet....think of it as a train that's going around in circles, and you have to know the right moment to get off the train in order to get to your stop because there are no windows to see. While she was in the modern world, the past would progress then regress, then progress then regress (that's why I said a train going in a "circle"). A person would have to be either really lucky or smart to know when they would be able to get back to the specific "past" they wished to return to because while they are standing outside the portal, the world on the other side of the portal kept changing.

Yu Eun Su didn't know this at first, she thought that she would be returning to the "past" that she had left, but the entire time that she had spent gathering supplies in the hospital the portal had already visited different time periods, then it started over - and she happened to walk back in when it started over - thus she returned to the "past" that was actually way before the one she wanted to be in. In fact, you could say that when she returned she went so far back in time that Choe Yeong had not even been born as yet.

Anyway, that explains why she was able to leave notes for her future self, and it also explains why the diary that was supposedly old - was actually her diary - she had left it there in the past.

Finally, after going in and out of the portal so many times and reliving moments that she had experienced before, she was able to get to a time that was just a few short months (or it could have been a few short years I don't remember exactly) after when she and Choe Yeong had separated. This is why you saw him with a beard. So as it turns out he had not died or anything, but he was also waiting for the day that she would return and this is why he recognized her when they met in the end.

Did that help you a bit?
tuchii 24 Jul, 2012
O TAK! chodziło mi o to XD no ale moja pamięć jest 10 sekundowa i nie mogłam przypomnieć XD dawno tego nie słuchałam D :
tuchii 21 Jul, 2012
witaj :3 jaki słodki masz avatar *.* ta dziewczyna z czymś mi sie kojarzy, ale nie moge przypomnieć XD
collony 30 Aug, 2011
Proszę bardzo :) Tak przynajmniej twierdzi strona oficjalna.
collony 30 Aug, 2011
Heh, nie szkodzi, ot przypadek ;]
edlyn 28 Aug, 2011
Pewnie, że tak :D
miseann 25 Aug, 2011
ale i tak nie lubię tego :D